Leg 1 Archive Portsmouth to Gran Canaria 29th August - 10th September 2001
Leg 2 Archive Gran Canaria to Rio de Janeiro 18th September - 16th October 2001
Leg 3 Archive Rio de Janeiro to the Falkland Islands 25th October - 11th November 2001
Leg 5 Archive Falkland Islands to Rio de Janeiro 16th February - 4th March 2002
Leg 6 Archive Rio de Janeiro to Antigua 13th March - 6th April 2002
Leg 7 Archive Antigua to Southampton 15 th April-146th Mayl 2002

Despatches from  Antarctica (Leg 4) 19th November 2001 - 4th February 2002



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( Leg 1 Crew Photos )
Expedition Despatches....

Leg 1 - Portsmouth to Gran Canaria

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10th September 2001

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Leg 1 Crew



Leg 1 Video Report
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9th September 2001 This despatch includes photo image(s) Nevertheless the risks pale into insignificance in comparison with the oppresiveness of the heat so over the side went the crew.
8th September 2001

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The crew have a book running on when we first sight land - I fear they may have all got the wrong day!
7th September 2001 This despatch includes photo image(s) And so it came to pass that the skipper was found with a bird in his cabin, Your Honour!
6th September 2001 This despatch includes photo image(s) So quickly does one settle into the routine at sea that it was some time after the event that we noticed that we had been a sea for exactly one week.
5th September 2001 This despatch includes photo image(s) It had to be too good to last and, finally, last night the wind ran out. As predicted we have entered a band of light and variable winds.
4th September 2001 This despatch includes photo image(s) John Carey and Gary Kerr have been steering for much of the last watch in a difficult sea - not a skill they had but a few days ago.
3rd September 2001 This despatch includes photo image(s) Another problem with the sails beset our Sunday "rest day".
1st September 2001 This despatch includes photo image(s) Despite the deceptively low noon to noon run it has been a cracking day's sailing.  The main has been down for most of it whilst we attempt a repair to the first reef tack which pulled out of the sail despite not being significantly loaded.
31st August 2001 This despatch includes photo image(s) It was within an hour of starting the passage a few days ago that we discovered that the foot cringles in our new Jeckylls sails are too small for the reefing pennants - Never mind - adapt and overcome.
29th August 2001 This despatch includes photo image(s) jl_departure_1_small.jpg (35126 bytes)


The planning of the last five years, the frustrations and at times despair, faded into history as the expedition yacht slid out of her mooring and headed for open water.

22nd August 2001 The expedition's yacht John Laing will be alongside at the International Festival of the Sea (IPOS) in Portsmouth and available for viewing from Friday 24th - Monday 27th August.  The yacht will sail from IFOS at 1600 on the Monday, en-route to Antarctica.

Some of the expedition team members will be in attendance to meet the public, sponsors and there guests as well as a number of VIPs who are visiting IFOS.

The yacht will be situated in the proximity of the Antarctic Survey Ships (look for the ships with red hulls) and adjacent to HMS Endurance.
More details about IFOS....>

5th August 2001 Article published about BAAE in Sunday Express.
22nd June 2001 BAAE Launch featured in  Hello Magazine
24th May 2001 BAAE goes live on sponsor's web-site.
22nd May 2001 HRH The Prince of Wales launches The British Army Antarctic Expedition.  The Expedition’s Official Launch took place on the 22nd May 2001 in the Painted Hall at the Old Naval College, Greenwich. more...>


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