Leg 1 Archive Portsmouth to Gran Canaria 29th August - 10th September 2001
Leg 2 Archive Gran Canaria to Rio de Janeiro 18th September - 16th October 2001
Leg 3 Archive Rio de Janeiro to the Falkland Islands 25th October - 11th November 2001
Leg 5 Archive Falkland Islands to Rio de Janeiro 16th February - 4th March 2002
Leg 6 Archive Rio de Janeiro to Antigua 13th March - 6th April 2002
Leg 7 Archive Antigua to Southampton 15 th April-146th Mayl 2002

Despatches from  Antarctica (Leg 4) 19th November 2001 - 4th February 2002



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Expedition Despatches....

Leg 5 - Falkland Islands to Rio de Janeiro

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6th March 2002 Just after First Light the traditional cry of "Land-ho" coincided with the rising sun....    more....> Rio sunset,,,,
3rd March 2002 There was no denying it; across the sail a newly blown seam flapped in the wind, the gaping split seeming to taunt our morale as it lay on the deck snarling like a wild but spent prey.    more....>
27th February 2002 "For Simon it has been a long night."     more....>
26th February 2002 "Although John Laing has thrived in this weather, we have suffered some minor damage other than the torn mainsail."     more....>
25th February 2002 Our discerning food critics (the remainder of the crew) rated this meal as (and I quote from the judges) "highly suitable nourishment for those about to face the ferocity of the gale on night watch."     more....>
23rd February 2002 "There was no warning, with a shrill gust our world changed. One moment we were enjoying the thrill of southern ocean sailing as under control John Laing making up to 8 knots in a comfortable force 5 wind surged along, the next, the skipper raced for the helm as excitement turned to urgency to avoid further calamity. Those wanting to read or experience first blood of the leg had found it."     more....>
21st February 2002 "Also at the Captain's table is the boswain, Simon, for a gross breach of the permanent boswain’s standing orders and good conduct, in that he was seen out of his bunk before midday, which totally contravenes his alternative lifestyle."    more....>
19th February 2002 En-route Falkland Islands to Rio de Janeiro

"Now as the land falls astern, the sky fills red and the sun dips below the horizon, we are ready to spend our first night at sea . . . . . .Rio beckons, John Laing and her crew are alive again. . . .the adventure continues and so we hope will your interest and support."    more....>

16th February 2002 Mare Harbour Falkland Islands

Those who have been following the previous despatch may recall that we had expected to sail from The Falkland Islands on or about 16 February. In fact our departure is, subject to the weather, likely to be on 19 February.      more....>


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