Leg 1 Archive Portsmouth to Gran Canaria 29th August - 10th September 2001
Leg 2 Archive Gran Canaria to Rio de Janeiro 18th September - 16th October 2001
Leg 3 Archive Rio de Janeiro to the Falkland Islands 25th October - 11th November 2001
Leg 5 Archive Falkland Islands to Rio de Janeiro 16th February - 4th March 2002
Leg 6 Archive Rio de Janeiro to Antigua 13th March - 6th April 2002
Leg 7 Archive Antigua to Southampton 15 th April-146th Mayl 2002

Despatches from  Antarctica (Leg 4) 19th November 2001 - 4th February 2002



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Expedition Despatches....

Leg 6 - Rio de Janeiro to Antigua

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15th April 2002 They have scraped, sanded and painted the yacht above and below decks, so that significant elements are now, once again, as new. They have been transformed from "pollywog" to "shellback" as decreed by King Neptune and have more sea miles and sailing time than many of those who submit themselves to the Coastal Skipper's exam.    more....>
1st April 2002 "The Blue Ensign flies at half mast on John Laing. Despite our distance from land and the difficulties we have been having with satellite reception, there is some news that travels quickly and the whole crew were saddened to hear of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. Our thoughts are with all members of our Royal family and particularly our Expedition Patron, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales at this time of both family and national loss."    more....>
27th March 2002 Another-perfect-sunset.jpg (5347 bytes)"It was not a great surprise therefore when, thirty miles out from Cahedelo, the local radio station could he heard calling to ask for our ETA."     more....>
23rd March 2002 "Celestial matters have also been occupying other thoughts on board as watch leaders Dick Pattison and Mike Makepeace have been grappling with the intricacies of astro-navigation."  more....>
18th March 2002 "We took John Laing out into Guanabara Bay (Rio Harbour) with a mixed crew and some VIP guests, including 5 of the most deserving Luta pela Paz boys and their leader, Luke Dowdney...."    more....>
13th March 2002 "Our stay in Rio also allowed me to have the honour of again meeting our Royal Patron HRH The Prince of Wales as he passed through the city during a brief visit to Brazil and Mexico...."    more....>


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