Leg 1 Archive Portsmouth to Gran Canaria 29th August - 10th September 2001
Leg 2 Archive Gran Canaria to Rio de Janeiro 18th September - 16th October 2001
Leg 3 Archive Rio de Janeiro to the Falkland Islands 25th October - 11th November 2001
Leg 5 Archive Falkland Islands to Rio de Janeiro 16th February - 4th March 2002
Leg 6 Archive Rio de Janeiro to Antigua 4th March - 10th April 2002

Despatches from  Antarctica (Leg 4) 19th November 2001 - 4th February 2002



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Expedition Despatches....

Leg 7 - Antigua to United Kingdom

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14th May 2002 upmast_pan_mini_www.jpg (14422 bytes)

On the afternoon of Tuesday 14th May the John Laing sailed proudly up Southampton Water.  The journeys end was marked by a champagne reception with friends, colleagues, supporters & the expedition's military patron General Sir Michael Walker....  photos....>

12th May 2002 Our final despatch from the yacht at seaA lot of water has flowed under the keel....   more....>
3rd May 2002 ........We must be getting closer to Europe - The sea is turning to a murky grey and an ever-encroaching dampness descends upon the decks at night........   more....>
28th April 2002 ........I cram in some last minute girlie time, relishing in my last shower and speaking to my family back in the UK!!........   more....>
26th April 2002 ........I thought it might be interesting to give Simon (the bosun) the chance to write his own despatch about life as a "long-haired civvie" living for nearly eight months and sharing adventures with a predominantly military crew........   more....>
23rd April 2002 ........It is not only the Antarctic which has provided expedition participants with inspiring scenery. We are constantly reminded of the natural beauty evident at sea........   more....>
20th April 2002 ......To our east there is a major storm system that has been hitting the Azores with hurricane force winds (and which may begin to influence the UK over the next few days - tie down the garden furniture!); to the west there are the beginnings of another.  Ironically in the middle we now have absolutely nothing! The next few days will tell whether we can slide northwards between the systems or whether mother nature has been saving her best till last!......   more....>
17th April 2002 John Laing departed Antigua on 15th April 2002 on the final stage of her return to the UK. The first despatch from the yacht will follow shortly.  more....>