Andy, James, Dick, Tim, Harry et al,
You're all having a real adventure. Much jealousy back here! Fantastic photos and stories- well done!
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas an a very Happy New Year. Look forward to your safe return next year!
Best of luck from Andy Hill.

Andy Hill <>
Colerne, Wiltshire, UK - 22:15:20 Tuesday 18 December 2001
I was intrigued by your project at IFOS, Portsmouth in the August, it's great to see and share your project. Happy Christmas
Keith Allan <>
Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK - 22:10:55 Tuesday 18 December 2001
Excellent, although the picture of James Harris seems a bit rugged!! Not bad for a Devonian Officer of the Anglian Regiment
Alan Taylor <R2attaylor>
Swindon, Wilts, England - 21:04:06 Tuesday 18 December 2001
Hello Dom,
You just can't keep away from the media spotlight anymore, and now you've got your dad involved too! It was lovely to hear the two of you tonight, he's looking really well. Glad to know you're all safe and well. Hope you have a good Christmas- at least you've got plenty of ice to go with the drinks!! Have a good one all of you, look after yourselves and I'll be in touch very soon.
Lots of love, xxx

Katharine Bouch <>
Leicester, No county/state, UK - 20:58:27 Tuesday 18 December 2001
Hi Sarah, hope you're having a fantastic experience. Your boat was on East Midlands News today (obviously a bit quiet on the home front). Hope you're not too stuck! Look forward to catching up next year. Best wishes to all for Christmas and for the rest of the expedition.

Jon Gorvett <>
Nottingham, No county/state, UK - 19:44:29 Tuesday 18 December 2001
Nice website
Exploring Biddick Family name. Haven't found connections
to ancestry. I know my relatives originally came over from
Scotland. Enjoyed viewing your website.

Jeffrey Biddick <JBIDDICK@PRO-NS.NET>
CHAMPLIN, MINNESOTA, USA - 19:10:45 Tuesday 18 December 2001
I'd like to wish my lovely husband (Simon G- missing you loads) and all the crew a very safe and warm Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Great website for all of us left behind in the UK
Joanne Goldby

Joanne Goldby <Email address not supplied>
Gosport, No county/state, No country - 18:43:30 Tuesday 18 December 2001
Hi, is it just me or does anyone else think its pretty spooky that in the new year Sir Ernest Shackletons ill-fated steps are being shown on TV in the epic drama. Just as our loved ones are tying to follow his footstept. Guys that does not mean you have to follow it to a tee by getting yourself stuck in ice, I hope and pray the outcome is nothing like that of which happend to them!!!I take it this means you will not be back in Feb. Thoughts are with all of you. Windy please come up with one of your superb ideas and get the hell out of the ice. Your Mum and I are having kittens! Chin up guys and girl, you are all were thinking about back here.
Nikki Buckley <>
Gosport, Hampshire, No country - 18:36:49 Tuesday 18 December 2001
No comment left
Nikki Buckley <nichola@buckley>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 18:26:54 Tuesday 18 December 2001
Wonderful website - Can we pass on our best Christmas wishes to all crew, but especially Simon Holman (My godson!)
At least they will have a white Christmas. Good luck for the next five months.

Peter Chester <>
Preston, Lancashire, UK - 17:08:10 Tuesday 18 December 2001
Very interesting, I will visit it again.

Gil Gill <>
Teignmouth, Devon, England - 11:15:37 Tuesday 18 December 2001
Hi Steve,glad to hear your keeping well.Hope your having an excellent time and that it`s not to cold (even with all that extra facial hair)!Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.Love and miss you lots,goodluck.Love Georgina
Georgina Barker <>
Rossendale, No county/state, No country - 20:47:43 Monday 17 December 2001
Richard thank you for your xmas card it was nice of you to think of us, have enjoyed your website,correct we are green with envy but we've had some good kayak trips this year, around the NW coast. Give us a call when you return home as we have no address or tel number for you.Happy Xmas & all the best for 2002, stay safe.Luv ALEX & FRASER XX ( X's from me not Fraser )
fraser & alex fotheringham <>
ullapool, ross-shire, scotland - 20:31:36 Monday 17 December 2001
excellent site, christmas greetings from the 153wksp coy reme(v) warrant officers and sergeants mess.
jake renshaw <>
boness, west lothian, scotland - 20:04:06 Monday 17 December 2001
excellent site, christmas greetings from the 153wksp coy reme(v) warrant officers and seargeants mess
jake renshaw <>
boness, west lothian, scotland - 20:02:42 Monday 17 December 2001
jake renshaw <>
boness, west lothian, scotland - 19:57:28 Monday 17 December 2001
jake renshaw <>
boness, west lothian, scotland - 19:57:02 Monday 17 December 2001
Hello Richard
Just a line to wish you a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year! Looks like you are having
an excellent trip down South! - Enjoy!

Lucy Martin <Email address not supplied>
Cambridge, No county/state, No country - 14:35:42 Monday 17 December 2001
james h read about your trip into the crevass on teletext
hope alls well,i told you that you needed a therapist on the
trip,maybe next time! have a great xmas .

phill jill & boys <>
wembworthy, devon, england - 21:51:42 Sunday 16 December 2001
This is a big hello from two mates of JL(Trevor Hewson & I),who prefer the warm weather sailing!
Fantastic viewing from the warmth of my arm chair.
Wishing you the very best of Chrissssstmasssess, and a succesful trip.
I hope Simon is now redundant, with Sarah to look after the engine room with Windy to look after everything else. Be careful they dont leave you behind.
Have a drink on me I left my flask in the galley!
Like the picky of the young albatros and the ice arch.
Looking forward to getting back on board next year!
Love Trevor and Di

Di Francis <>
BATH, No county/state, ENGLAND - 21:04:30 Sunday 16 December 2001
Crevasses-Harris falling into-this rings a bell-is a theme emerging (again)?

Keep smiling


PS What happened to Pattinsons sheep??

Clements <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 11:49:27 Sunday 16 December 2001
The Despatches are a wonderful way for us to keep up to date with what you are doing, and the photos are absolutely marvellous. Looking forward to viewing many more. Wishing you all the best for Christmas!
Jane Wood <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 10:51:51 Sunday 16 December 2001
Keep smiling
Richard Clements <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 22:41:22 Saturday 15 December 2001
Hi only me again. I am Cpl. Simon Goldby's sister and I have just had more of a chance to look at the website. Its the best website I have ever seen, it really helps family and mates keep in touch with whats going on. What a challenge, I only wish I could be out there too. Hope it all goes well. Thinking of you. Love Fleur xx
Fleur Goldby <>
Torquay, Devon, UK - 14:41:31 Friday 14 December 2001
Great website from your sister !!! - Fleur Keep up the good work.
Fleur Goldby <>
Torquay, Devon, UK - 10:54:20 Friday 14 December 2001
Have followed the site from day 1. Still as good as ever. Can I wish everyone connected with the John Laing a Happy and safe Christmas.
Sue Loosley <>
New Malden, Surrey, UK - 12:32:24 Thursday 13 December 2001
George Pattison <>
Cambridge, No county/state, UK - 08:38:31 Thursday 13 December 2001
Good information and links. Nice to see the timetable so we can share the journey!

Best of luck

Chris Ashton <Email address not supplied>
Rainham, Essex, England - 12:15:06 Wednesday 12 December 2001
Great site looking forward to seeing how the trip progresses - best wishes!
Gary Nichols <Email address not supplied>
Todmorden, Lancs, No country - 11:44:35 Wednesday 12 December 2001
Hi Everyone! Dom's mate here. Glad to see things are going well for you all- keep those amazing pictures coming. Dom, your celebrity status is growing back home with regular updates- that front page photo shoot will follow!! Take care out there all of you, and we'll keep following on the night shifts. Lots of love, xxx
Katharine B <Email address not supplied>
Leicester, No county/state, UK - 21:24:17 Tuesday 11 December 2001
No comment left
No name given <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 21:14:50 Tuesday 11 December 2001
Incredible site!!! Very exciting to see something like this and it is actually being updated. Found it by accident while reading a whale article and had the expedition being serenaded by humpbacks... though in the site's log notes I didn't actually see naything about that experience. Was hoping for a humpback picture... but enjoyed the pictures that are here. Beautiful... desolate... but so surreal! Thank you very much for this oppurtunity to see Antarctica and almost experience it thru these brave people!!! Best of luck... stay safe and warm!
Cher Renke <>
Longmont, Colorado, USA - 16:46:43 Tuesday 11 December 2001
Si Got home and had some very nice beers for you have fun mate
Alan Etherington <alan_metz@hotmail .com>
Basingstoke, Hampshire, ENGLAND - 16:53:22 Sunday 09 December 2001
No comment left
Nikki B <>
Gosport, Hampshire, England - 14:10:48 Sunday 09 December 2001
Hi guys, im Windys chick, and i would like to say how nice it is to read that all over the globe, people are following the exped. I was being selfish because i didnt want him to go, but now i know these guys and girl are re-writing history and i have nothing but admiration for all the crew, i just hope Windy comes back with all his vitals in tact!!!
Crimbo wont be the same without you. Be safe, be home soon xxxxxxxx143xxxxxxxxx

Nikki B <Email address not supplied>
Gosport, No county/state, No country - 14:07:19 Sunday 09 December 2001
Very Interesting. As the chap who actually built the JOHN Laing, it's good to see her being used in an environment where her 'ice-breaking' capablilities (a 12mm stemplate)might come in use!
If your team need to know any eal intimacies about her costruction, mail me.

David Gray

David Gray <>
Wimborne, Dorset, UK - 11:58:49 Sunday 09 December 2001
hey my british folk! whats up? How yall people in ENGLAND doing?? I live the the United States, but BRITAIN RULES!!
I like the accent! its the best. lol

brandon <>
abilene, taylor/texas, UNITED STATES - 23:38:05 Friday 07 December 2001
Best of luck to the Whole crew of The John Laing. Thanks to Steve for showing the Nimrod guys around the yacht, and also to Windy for the Rugby Tops.
James 'Bart' Simpson <>
Kinloss, Moray, Scotland - 13:32:52 Thursday 06 December 2001
No comment left
JOANNE GILL <joannanne>
newcastle, newcastle, England - 14:56:06 Wednesday 05 December 2001
Very Nice -- Good Luck and Godspeed
J.A. Hamilton, Jr.
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (retired)

Drew Hamilton <>
auburn, Alabama, USA - 04:37:53 Wednesday 05 December 2001
No comment left
Jozef Balogh <>
Levice, No county/state, SLOWAKIA - 00:49:41 Wednesday 05 December 2001
Good Luck Uncle Alistair
Give our regards to Colin - see you next year

No2 & No2a

peter wood <>
Thatcham, Berks, uk - 19:39:34 Tuesday 04 December 2001

Hello Captain and his crew:

I am glad to hear news from yours. I am surprised after visiting your website because I had the oportunity to see the pictures, files, notes, etc. I hope you will succeed in your expedition. After all, England, through his men has sailed all the seas of this world. I wish your all the best and donīt forget in keeping me informed about the progress of the trip.
Good luck, Gabriel Esquivel (andean)

Gabriel Esquivel <>
Ciudad Evita, Buenos Aires, Argentina - 17:32:09 Saturday 01 December 2001
Great pic's the 3rd leg photos did'nt show tho.
Iwas a member of 2LI in 80's so it is great to see that they still exist.

David Marshall former 2 LI Band <>
Romsey, Hampshire, UK - 22:16:45 Friday 30 November 2001
Very informative - good luck and bon voyage!
Don't forget to wash behind your ears!

Scrope family <>
Bedale, North Yorkshire, UK - 19:25:43 Friday 30 November 2001
No comment left
Scrope family <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 19:22:00 Friday 30 November 2001
No comment left
Scrope family <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 19:20:56 Friday 30 November 2001
I think that it's great, and I look forward to seeing some
marvellous photo shots.

Good luck to you all from an ex-RE.

Brian Wells <>
Sheffield, Sth. Yorkshire, Britain - 19:00:23 Friday 30 November 2001
Good luck on your treck into the freezer, P-P-Pick up a P-Penguin!!!!!any chance of a lift to New Zealand??? Keep Smiling.
John Eldred <>
Withernsea, East Yorks, England - 18:17:54 Friday 30 November 2001