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Expedition Visitors Book, Legs 1,2 & 3 archive....

The following are messages left in the 'visitors book' between the end of September 2001 and 20th November 2001

Gest Book BAAE Legs123

Great! Please convey our best wishes to Harry Scrope, and of course all the expedition. We look forward to hearing of your adventure.
Sylvia and Stuart Tate <sylvia@turtlesplace.freeserve.co.uk>
Bedale, North Yorkshire, UK - 21:40:08 Monday 19 November 2001

Excellent, informative and exciting website, can't wait to see more!
Sue Thornton <sue_thornton@breathernet.com>
Lymington, Hants, England - 20:30:40 Monday 19 November 2001

No comment left
ODEBUNMI-BAYONLE-SUNDAY <bayus200@yahoo.com>
ILA ORANGUN, OSUN STATE, NIGERIA - 20:02:36 Monday 19 November 2001

Best wishes to you all.
Great site well done.
Have a good one windy.

Chas Cowell <Chascowell@hotmail.com>
Gosport, Hants, GBR - 15:40:22 Monday 19 November 2001

Simon, don't worry about Joanne while you're away. We have lots and lots of shopping trips planned!
Ginny <ginnyetherington@hotmail.com>
Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom - 14:37:25 Sunday 18 November 2001

Have you heard the one about the Army Officer, the Pipes and 2 sheep? If not, you soon will. Ask Richard Pattinson.
Sorry to be missing out on this trip.
keep smiling
Richard Clements

Clan Clements <caroline@clements24.freeserve.co.uk>
Dover, Kent, UK - 10:46:10 Sunday 18 November 2001

Excellent website, well organised and very informative.

Best of British to all who set off from Brize on 13th Nov. Take care and enjoy the expedition as I will enjoy stalking you guys via the net.

Dom, stay strong, resist all the Falkland Island ladies throw at you.

Alex Wong <alex2311@another.com>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 17:14:10 Friday 16 November 2001

What a fab site - I shall look forward to following your adventures over the next few months. Good luck to you all!
Will - I hope you got the envelope I left - I know that the socks are not hand knitted but I hope they do the trick. Keep in touch when you can. love Claire X

Claire <claire_martin@munroforster.com>
London, No county/state, No country - 14:54:17 Friday 16 November 2001

to any Expedition crew who read this good luck see you when you return, Peter

Peter Clancy <peter.clancy@hmce.gsi.gov.uk>
Basildon , Essex, England - 13:41:31 Friday 16 November 2001

I hope you have a nice expedition from Jason
Jason Rankin <N/A>
Hull, Yorkshire, England - 13:42:18 Thursday 15 November 2001

No comment left
Jason Rankin <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 13:40:48 Thursday 15 November 2001

Best of luck to you all. I hope you find something interesting such as a rock from Mars or fossils. You have a wonderful but cold life.

Take care.

Dennis Rose <Trit0n@mindspring.com>
San Francisco, No county/state, No country - 12:22:00 Thursday 15 November 2001

Very good
I am a friend of Richard
Andrew Kent <andrewk@globalnet.co.uk>
Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England - 20:47:40 Wednesday 14 November 2001

Message for Steve Vickers.
Steve I always said that your past would catch up with you, you realise now that when you are on exercise you will end up doing all the cooking.

John Vickers <BFAWUSY@AOL.COM>
Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England - 11:35:16 Wednesday 14 November 2001

Message for the Antarctic team: I am very excited for you all. I wish you ALL the best of fortune in your adventures over the coming months. I will be thinking of you.
Sarah-I hope that you will remember the chocolate in Chamonix in any miserable moments and it will cheer you up! Will- I hope that the whiskey sees you through! I will miss my favourite drinking partner.
Richard and James - Congratulations on getting this far and good luck .

Kirstie Campbell <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, Geneva - 09:59:29 Wednesday 14 November 2001

A well informative site.

Terence John Stevens <votel@bigfoot.com>
Southampton, Hampshire, UK - 20:51:05 Tuesday 13 November 2001

No comment left
Terence John Stevens <votel@bigfoot.com>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 20:49:56 Tuesday 13 November 2001

Tim a brilliant web site! Remember what I said to you, a true friend climbs the mountains with you and walks the valleys with as well.  My love always Chegs.
Chegs <chegs@holidayrentals.com>
Eaton Upon Tern, Shropshire, UK - 20:40:23 Tuesday 13 November 2001

The website is excellent, I envy all of you the experiences. Having visited South Georgia twice I would love to get further South. I guess you will all beat me to that!
John Nicol <john@jsnicol.com>
Mount Pleasant, UK BFPO 655, Falkland Islands - 14:21:13 Tuesday 13 November 2001

Fantastic site, only just discovered it- the dispatches are great, especially the pics.

A little message for Simon: Never really got to say goodbye, so this is a very belated message, hope you get it.

Looks like you're having a fantastic time, and needless to say I'm extremely jealous. I can't believe it's been over a year since I was last on John Laing. I hope the heating's better now than it was that very cold night... I doubt that little fan would have much effect now...

Thinking of you, best (and warmest) wishes, take care of yourself,

With love, Rosa

Rosa Wilson-Garwood <rosawg83@yahoo.co.uk>
London, UK, No country - 12:29:36 Tuesday 13 November 2001

Very clear photos...good information.
LTC Mitchell Chastain <mchastain@military.com>
Gadsden, Alabama, USA - 23:47:33 Monday 12 November 2001

We are enjoying your very full and informative website. Good luck to Andy Bristow and all of you
John and Dori Ericsson <johnanddori @tesco.net>
Ludlow, Shropshire, England - 17:26:19 Monday 12 November 2001

Very good lay out having been down south I WISH YOU AND THE TEAM ALL THE SUCCESS AND SAFE RETURN
Terry Lay <tlay@rozlyne.freeserve.co.uk>
Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK - 12:55:11 Sunday 11 November 2001

A very impressive web site as far as content goes.
I did have some minor problems trying to go back to the home page, there does not seem to be a way to do this.
Otherwise well done!

Nick Singer <nick@kmcvey.freeserve.co.uk>
Beckenham, Kent, UK - 10:56:36 Sunday 11 November 2001

Have a great time Tim, good luck. Regards

Alasdair Allen <photographer_ali@yahoo.com>
Hereford, Herefordshire, England - 23:31:47 Saturday 10 November 2001

Good job keep up the good work
Eddie Anderson <farm107@aol.com>
Atco, N.J., U.S.A. - 09:09:50 Saturday 10 November 2001

Tim, You've done another great job with the website! All the best to you & Dick, from Fiona (BSES)
Fiona Hatchell <fionah@fish.co.uk>
Barnard Castle, Co Durham, UK - 17:07:48 Friday 09 November 2001

No comment left
Hugh O'Neil Roe <so3g1mr@infantry.demon.co.uk>
Warminster, Wilts, UK - 15:49:21 Friday 09 November 2001

John Pentreath <poppy@jpentreath.freeserve.co.uk>
Warminster, Wiltshire, UK - 13:30:34 Friday 09 November 2001

Best & safe wishes the team - especially to Peter Yeoman - 'told you the South Atlantic would be a bit 'choppy'. Have 'one' for JR at Stanley, Pete '
Hampshire Police RCU <Email address not supplied>
Winchester, No county/state, UK - 09:43:43 Friday 09 November 2001

Watching your web site with interest nice to know that my son Pte Rowe and his colleagues are all fit and well
NICOLA ROWE-EASTON <polish@mexconnect.com>
Doncaster, S.Yorkshire, England - 21:14:56 Thursday 08 November 2001

I'll make sure to follow the developments of the expedition.
Antarctica exerts a great fascination, I was lucky enough to be a tourist there and it has left the most wonderful memories. I've enjoyed both text and pictures on the site, and can only hope for more.
My best wishes to all the members of the expedition.

Talya Escogido <talesco@dca.net>
Philadelphia, PA, USA - 01:07:26 Thursday 08 November 2001

Message for Pete Yeoman.
Hi Pete, good to see the picture of you sunning yourself in Rio. Hope to see the next picture of you with the penguins in Port Stanley. Good wishes to all of you for the remainder of your journey south.
Mal Rowland

Mal Rowland <malrowland@aol.com>
Waltham Chase/Southampton, Hampshire, England - 18:57:28 Wednesday 07 November 2001

I have found the site very easy to navigate and very informative. Its good to be able to track the progress of the John Laing so easily.
Mal Rowland <malrowland@aol.com>
Waltham Chase/Southampton, Hampshire, England - 18:53:23 Wednesday 07 November 2001

Good luck with the rest of your journey. It will be worth it when you arrive!
Lewis McNaught <lewis@activpursuits.com>
Dorking, Surrey, U.K. - 14:36:57 Wednesday 07 November 2001

Only just discovered your expedition today. It's difficult terrain inland (as I guess you already know). I spent the most miserable 3 months of my life sledging in Trinity Peninsula 20 years ago. Expect v soft wet snow, even at plateau level, much cloud, and fohns. Guess why Rory M didn't join in the fieldwork?! Good luck for a successful trip.
John Smellie <Email address not supplied>
Cambridge, No county/state, UK - 10:51:11 Wednesday 07 November 2001

Very good site enjoy reading the expeditions progress
David Gammon <davidgammon33@aol.com>
Morecambe, Lancashire, England - 19:30:08 Tuesday 06 November 2001

Thought it was time I signed the book and complimented you on a nice site
Dave (OYT South)

David Thomas <david.thomas@rya-online.net>
Christchurch, Dorset, England - 17:16:06 Tuesday 06 November 2001

Enjoyed browsing the web site. Message for Pete Yeoman - Hope you're enjoying the trip. Looking forward to viewing lots of stunning photos.
Joss Helsen <jjhelsen@btinternet.com>
Waltham Chase, Hampshire, England - 23:26:03 Sunday 04 November 2001

Very much enjoyed the website, message for Ben,hope all is well, when are we going to see a photo of you, are you on that boat, or on the beach. We are all together for the weekend, and have toasted your health a few times.
Sarah,Simon, Aurelle Tomkins <simontomkins@supanet.com>
Guildford, Surrey, UK - 10:55:02 Sunday 04 November 2001

I think you have worked very hard on the website. I am very pleased about it. I hope the expedition all goes well and I will be watching, so behave your selves and come home safely. Hmmm...... we have not heard from Sooty or Uncle Dick for a while!
Mickey-Lee Hall (9) <mickey@holidayrentals.com>
Eaton Upon Tern, N. Shropshire, UK - 22:07:15 Saturday 03 November 2001

Hello there
I am sailing from Rio on the 5th March and wondered if anyone would like to email me - especially if you are on the same leg as me!!

Tanya <tanyamthompson@hotmail.com>
Plymouth, UK, No country - 12:31:32 Thursday 01 November 2001

To Andy & Simon, just thought I'd send a quick message from sunny Krefeld to thank you for the brilliant time I had on the John Laing. Hope the rest of the expedition goes well and that we all get the chance to meet up at the end. Take Care, Charlie xxx
Charlie Sunderland <charliesunderland@yahoo.co.uk>
krefeld, No county/state, No country - 20:24:42 Tuesday 30 October 2001

Hi everyone, Great to see the Services doing some more high quality Adv. Trg. I was on the trip to South Georgia earlier this year and it was without doubt the best experience of my life. I wish you all fair winds for sailing and an enjoyable time exploring once on Antarctica. I hope you don't experience any storms like we did !!
Best of luck
Stu Macdonald

Stu Macdonald <stumacdonald312@hotmail.com>
Ripon, North Yorks, UK - 10:55:43 Tuesday 30 October 2001

Please say a big hello to Pete Yeoman from all the members of the Sheffield
Mike Barker <barkermikenpat>
Waltham Chase, Hampshire, UK - 17:53:26 Sunday 28 October 2001

My apologises to anyone whose attempted to leave a message here these last few days. This feature of the website has been out of action but is now running normally.
Tim Hall <webmaster@baae.org.uk>
Eaton Upon Tern, North Shropshire, UK - 11:14:16 Saturday 27 October 2001

Hi Andy,Simon and crew. It's been great following your progress from IFOS to present. Things are reaching fever pitch over here field trips etc. Looking forward to seeing you in the F.I. Take care and have a good next Leg. Simon G
Simon G <jsgold2482@aol.com>
Gosport, Hants, England - 19:57:17 Monday 22 October 2001

Our son, 25130018 Private Vickers S? joins the expedition in Rio.
We would like to let him know, that we are very proud of him, and his achievements since joining the army.
Steven, enjoy yourself, and make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

We love you and are very proud of you..

JV, Our Dawn and Jay.

John, Dawn & Julie Vickers <bfawusy@aol.com>
Barnsley, South York's, England - 12:16:10 Saturday 20 October 2001

We have enjoyed the despatches via email and are making a scrapbook. Enjoy Rio de Janeiro! We're looking forward to the next reports and pictures. Can you email the pictures from #26, King Neptune,etc. They did not come through for me to print. Thank you. God Bless you all.
Jean and Andy Fortuna <andyfortuna@aol.com>
Riverside, California, U.S.A. - 01:01:54 Saturday 20 October 2001

I wish I had the opportunity to join you .best wishes
Tony Meadows <anthony.meadows@bt.com>
Farnham, Surrey, England - 18:41:03 Friday 19 October 2001

Dear Emma and Charlie, looks like that sailing is a rough old business. Hope your behaving yourself Em's. See you when you both get back and you can bore us with your sea stories. Remember my present from sunny Rio.
Michelle Gilmour <weechegil@hotmail>
Krefeld, No county/state, Germany - 23:43:13 Thursday 18 October 2001

Very good
John Vickers <bfawusy@aol.com>
Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England - 18:35:07 Wednesday 17 October 2001

Well done the site has been very good to date. Keep it up.
SALISBURY, WILTSHIRE, UK - 21:52:33 Tuesday 16 October 2001

We have enjoyed following the second leg, especially as our son Edward was part of the crew. There was a real sense of let down as they came into Rio, and the voyage was over. We will follow the rest of the voyage with interest.

We have enjoyed your site, which is really informative. Each time we have accessed the pages have loaded with minor errors. I don't know if that's me or you, but its not a common problem for me.

Anyway well done , and thank you for sharing the voyage with us through your excellent site.

best wishes, Michael & Polly Hart

Michael & Polly hart <michaelhart@doctors.org.uk>
Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK - 20:56:18 Tuesday 16 October 2001

Well presented,will write more on next visit.
Good luck and best of British to all..

Adam Mitchell <Gingercrew@AOL. com>
Birmingham, West Midlands, G.B - 20:29:05 Tuesday 16 October 2001

No comment left
Caroline Brassey <cb@idmagasin.com>
Northampton, No county/state, England - 13:47:47 Tuesday 16 October 2001

Fascinating reading,well composed.Wish I could have been part of it.
Watch no-one slips 'The Shilling` for Leg 3 while you are out celebrating!
Enjoy yourselves for a couple of days,you've earned it!
Howard's Dad.

Ivor Skidmore <ivor.chevron-2000@virgin.net>
Preston, Lancashire, England - 11:17:47 Tuesday 16 October 2001

No comment left
Christopher Costigan <christopher2@nusonline.co.uk>
Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, Wales - 10:43:21 Tuesday 16 October 2001

Blimey, I can't believe you're there already! It's been top reading the despatches everyday, I'll miss spotting Nathan stories (was that him in a yellow paper wig? whoever it was, it was very fetching ...) but have fun in Rio, go easy on the cachasa(sp?), Laura
Laura <L.J.Turney@leeds.ac.uk>
Manchester, No county/state, UK - 09:33:31 Tuesday 16 October 2001

Visited your web site, looks like your all having a great time and not feeling too sea sick. Give us all a thought back here as we are on exercise. see ya when you get back from Michelle G
Michelle Gilmour <weechegil@hotmail.com>
Glasgow, Scotland, No country - 17:18:07 Monday 15 October 2001

Very impressive site, it's been really good to be able to follow the journey day by day. Good luck to all of you on your last bit of your trip. I haven't heard from my brother Robert yet, so I was wondering if he had been thrown overboard along with the missing cutlery??????????
David Nicholas <d.nicholas@nexgo.de>
Blomberg, Lippe, Germany - 23:54:41 Sunday 14 October 2001

Great website recording a fascinating trip good luck to all

Stuart Simcock <stujude@freenetname.co.uk>
westbury, wilts, UK - 08:20:55 Sunday 14 October 2001

The updates are fascinating and it seems everyone is having a great time; I wish I could be doing something like this!! Say Hello to Simon, and all the people I met at the IFOS at Portsmouth, who were on the boat. Everyone take care, and I look forward to more updates.
Lucie Williams <will.6@btinternet.com>
Devizes, Wiltshire, UK - 10:05:55 Saturday 13 October 2001

PADDY <brunel.tower@lineone.net>
Starcross, Devon, ENGLAND - 21:41:14 Friday 12 October 2001

Greetings from Canada everyone, Hi Rob, nice to know you are still alive, and causing chaos from what I can tell. Good luck with the Journey.

Tracy Burry <tracyburry@yahoo.com>
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada - 14:36:20 Thursday 11 October 2001

Thoroughly enjoyed looking over the site, and look forward in the weeks ahead to viewing it further.I have a friend who is crewing from Rio to Port Stanley and I intend to keep up with progress.
Mike McFarlane <mikemac@macfolly.freeserve.co.uk>
Winchester, Hampshire, UK - 19:33:49 Wednesday 10 October 2001

Great website! Good luck with the expedition. Have a great Christmas and New Year!
Steve Brunt <steven.brunt1@btinternet.com>
Salisbury, Wiltshire, England - 20:48:07 Tuesday 09 October 2001

Hello from Scotland (which is almost if not colder than the Antarctic),

How are you Rob? I'm fine. Working away on a chat show for BBC Scotland. Programme number three will be recorded this week. Pervious guests have included Richard E Grant, Pauline McLynn (Mrs Doyle for Father Ted), Dougay Scott (bad guy form Mission Impossible two), to name but a few. I'm on this until the end of November and then who knows?
My Mum and Dad are going away to Spain this Thursday for two weeks. Fiona is also fine. Although I've not spoken to her later, Mum says she's doing well.
You've got some fantastic photos form the yacht. It looks like your all having a great time. I wish I was there. I've still to read through all the diary pages on the net. But will do soon. I spoke to your Mum and she told me about the cutlery. The shame of it all. I'm amazed you've not sunk the yacht yet or have I not read enough of the diary pages. Was that last weeks entry? Day 22 Rob's sunk the yacht.

Anyway I've got to get back to work. Well I don't really it's just I've ran out of ####e to say. I'll email you soon.

Take care. Safe journey

Findlay McRae <findlaymcrae@hotmail.com>
Stonehaven, Kincardineshire, Scotland - 15:02:59 Monday 08 October 2001

Excellent site. My wife and I thoroughly enjoy visiting it and also receiving the daily despatches. Our son Cpl Nat Turney is part of the current crew enroute to Rio. The daily despatches are, I am sure, gratefully received and read by relatives and friends of the crew. Keep up the good work!
John Turney <johnturney@btinternet>
SCARBOROUGH, North Yorkshire, England - 20:02:40 Sunday 07 October 2001

Sounds a bit grim!

SIG KEVIN WEBSTER <kevin.webster9822@btinternet.com>
Warminster, Wilts, UK - 18:19:16 Sunday 07 October 2001

It's great to know the British Army is actively participating in something so worthwhile. Info on website well presented and easy to find your way around. GOOD LUCK to all - a safe journey there and back and every success in achieving your objectives.
Fiona Sandford (nee Bristow) <sandford@qatar.net.qa>
Doha, Qatar, Arabian Gulf - 18:12:46 Sunday 07 October 2001

We have thoroughly enjoyed the website. Hoping to get the children 'on board' later. Good luck for the trip.
Jane O'Sullivan <gary.o'sullivan.virgin.net>
Grittleton, Wilts, UK - 12:59:37 Sunday 07 October 2001

Enjoy your time out there and make the most of it. The whole world has gone mad since you left these shores and all too soon you will be back amongst all the problems.
So God speed The John Laing but not too much speed!
And God bless my darling daughter Charlotte and all her shipmates!

John Driscoll <John@driscoll99.fsnet.co.uk>
New Malden, Surrey, England - 10:18:19 Sunday 07 October 2001

No comment left
Nige Cathrew <nigecat@yahoo.com>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 18:26:38 Saturday 06 October 2001

Just a quick thank you to all who have left messages of support - we are getting them all. Although we cannot reply to them all they are much appreciated.

Andy Bristow
John Laing 5 Oct 01

Andy Bristow <yacht@baae.org.uk>
1700 miles north of Rio, No county/state, No country - 22:34:00 Friday 05 October 2001

I was @ IFOS and saw you set sail and so have followed your progress with great interest. Good Luck to you all.
Sue Loosley <sue22spg@aol.com>
Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, UK - 18:26:27 Friday 05 October 2001

Brilliant site and enjoying following the Expedition's progress.
Robert, we have despatched a replacement pack of cutlery c/o The Post Office, Sao Paolo and San Pedro. We trust they got there o.k. Hope this has got you out of trouble.
Mum & Dad

Denise & Nick Nicholas <Nick-Nicholas@beeb.net>
Bedford, No county/state, England - 18:25:14 Friday 05 October 2001

Dear Editor: First time I see your website which I think is excellent!
We do have a website including Falkland Island update news and also we write in the Penguin News (Government weekly newspaper, you can also see the front page in the web, also we sent news to the broadcasting Falkland Is. Broadcasting Services)
Could be interesting for our readers and for the radio to introduce some news from your site, ref. expeditions etc.is possible to receive them by email?
Thanks a lot and best wishes
Gus Meikle
Editor Manager

Website: www.mercopress.com

Gus Meikle (MercoPress) <merco@netgate.com.uy>
Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay - 11:32:53 Friday 05 October 2001

Youre welcome to Rio de Janeiro and take here with us and will are happy at your travel at Antarctic Continent!
Vlademir Rates <radarman@uol.com.br>
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL - 02:40:33 Thursday 04 October 2001

Hello Tim, here is Thomas from the South Pole trip in 1998. Steffen and I arrived just from the western parts of Tibet.
Best regards

Thomas Junker <thomas.junker@web.de>
Berbisdorf, Germany, No country - 07:15:35 Wednesday 03 October 2001

Had a fantastic time on board, Leg 1. wish I was there again.... Instead of being here in Poland on exercise. Good Luck with the rest of the trip!!!!!

Sarah XXX

Sarah Kimberley <sarah_kimberley@hotmail.com>
Leam Spa, Warks, England - 11:48:27 Tuesday 02 October 2001

Im very stimulate for your expeditions, because I like travel for all the world. I think that your experience, will be our experience, knowing new places, search for next lives and give us the pleasure to see and feel The Antarctic. Thanks.
Francisco Varillas Solano <valoisfrancisco@yahoo.es>
Las palmas, Canary Island, Spain - 10:11:13 Tuesday 02 October 2001

No comment left
Sarah Hall <shall72@hotmail.com>
Wenham, MA, USA - 20:22:17 Monday 01 October 2001

CHORLEY, LANCS, UK - 17:39:27 Monday 01 October 2001

Thank you for the funny party in Las Palmas, we enjoyed the evening very much...the crew of the 'Papagei'! Special greetings to Howard! Tina and Sibylle!
Tina <tina_wessel@yahoo.de>
Berlin, Germany, No country - 23:03:14 Sunday 30 September 2001

No comment left
Roberto Kechler <r.kechler@tcm2000.com>
Terni, No county/state, Italy - 19:47:59 Sunday 30 September 2001

http://very interesting indeed. Robert Nicholas is well known to me as someone totally unfit to be entrusted with the cutlery anyway. It looks as though you are upholding the fine traditions of the Royal Signals in having super holidays at public expense. And they call it work!
Carol Birch <william.birch@btinternet.com>
Pershore, Worcestershire, United Kingdom - 14:30:42 Sunday 30 September 2001

Tales of daring do! Well at least some one has got to do it. Make the most of it guys. Edward such a low profile, not a single comment of your exploits. I can only figure you are behind the camera or writing the script. Keep well Love from Jeffrey,Vicki, Benjamin and Tori

Jeffrey Leeke <jaleeke@netexcel.net.au>
Newcastle, NSW, AUSTRALIA - 12:52:34 Friday 28 September 2001

Still following you progress with interest. Regards to David Sangster. Impressed with all the photographs
Toni & Martin Wilson <mrwils@xtra.co.nz>
Dunedin, No county/state, New Zealand - 02:56:36 Friday 28 September 2001

Dream additions:
1. photo of the crew (as our son is on board)
2. Plotted course of the yacht regularly updated.

Well it is a dream request.

Michael & Polly Hart <michaelhart@doctors.org.uk>
Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK - 19:32:23 Thursday 27 September 2001

Enjoying all the despatches hope Charlie's not been sick too often. keep the e-mails coming, the whole family reads them.


Charlie's Mum
Bev Flory <cavendish@cartons.fsworld.co.uk>
Derby, No county/state, U.K. - 12:21:40 Wednesday 26 September 2001

I followed the trip from Gosport to the Canaries and thoroughly enjoyed reading about the exploits of the crew. My niece Joanne Gill was a member of the crew and I think I can safely say it is an experience she will not forget, she talks fondly of the time she spent on the John Laing, including the 6 days she spent being very sick. As a relative of a crew member I found the dispatches reassuring. I wish the current crew a safe journey.

Many Thanks,


Wendy Rickwood <wendy@rrickwood.freeserve.co.uk>
Wallsend, Tyne and Wear , England - 22:39:37 Tuesday 25 September 2001

Good luck Lindsay on leg two. Many thanks for keeping me informed of what my girlfriends up to!
Andy Cooper <andycyprus@hotmail.com>
Ypsonas, Limassol, Cyprus - 18:42:27 Tuesday 25 September 2001


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