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James Harris is one of the joint leaders of the expedition with responsibility for the mountaineering aspects of the expedition.  James was born in Warwickshire but now lives in Devon.

James joined the Army in 1981 and was originally commissioned into the Royal Corps of Signals.  However, in 1985 he transferred to the Royal Anglian Regiment.  He learnt to ski and climb whilst still at school in Gloucestershire and continued to develop his interest in these pursuits after joining the Army.  Since then he has lead numerous climbing and skiing expeditions in Europe and North America.

In 1989 he served on South Georgia as second in command of the Garrison and in 1991 he was the mountaineering leader of the Royal Anglian Expedition to the Island.  These two tours, which gave him climbing and skiing experience in extreme conditions,  led to his interest in Antarctica and will provided a solid foundation for leading the mountaineering team on the Antarctic Peninsular.

James’s sailing experience is limited to crewing, sailing in the Baltic and around the British Isles.

James was elected as a member of the Alpine Club in 1992. He left the Army in 2005 and is now the Founder and Managing Director of Wild & Remote , a company providing bespoke expeditions for civilian adventurers.   James is responsible for the concept behind Wild & Remote and is personally involved in the planning and development of all the company's expeditions.


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