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Alistair James Wood ,(41) known as Jim, born in Caithness (now part of Highlands Region), last lived as a civilian in Newbury, Berkshire but now considers the Army as home.

Jim joined the Army in January 1984 after four happy years at UWIST (now University of Wales Cardiff) occasionally studying Applied Biology though more often with Cardiff University Officer Training Corps.  Currently he is a Major in the Royal Signals & serving as Regimental Second in Command of a Signal Regiment in Herford, Germany.  He's on his fourth tour there.  Jim has also served in England, Northern Ireland, the Falkland Islands and has completed two tours of duty to the Former Yugoslavia (Croatia and Kosovo). 

Jim is a qualified as RYA Day Skipper & gained his sailing skills off the west coast of Scotland.  He has further sailing experience, "usually not too far from land", off England, Northern Island and Greece.

Jim says:

"I have skied all over Europe (and occasionally in North America) including 6 weeks with the Norwegian Army.  My forte is Telemark skiing, especially off piste, and I spend as much time as possible in Chamonix in the French Alps.  Although I climb and have lead two Army expeditions (to the Jotenheim region of Norway and to Mount Kenya) it is not to a high standard and now my trips over mountain tops are usually because they are in the way of some better skiing on the other side.  I'm a member of Club Alpin Francais."

From childhood Jim has always had a great interest in wildlife, particularly birdwatching, and this has grown to a wider appreciation of all aspects of the environment.

"My aim in life would be to be able to put something back and, in some small way, help maintain the variety and wonder of that environment.  My ecological background means that I am the expedition lead for all scientific matters and I'm putting together a series of field studies."

Whilst the expedition team members are very capable, we are inexperienced in this area, most of the work will be relatively simple data collection although we hope to be able to provide valuable information to a wide range of organisations including the British Antarctic Survey, Scott Polar Research Institute and various British universities.

"I most look forward to fulfilling a long held dream of visiting the Antarctic region and to be able to assist in the gain of knowledge about this remote area. Whilst having been desk bound in my job, I am very much at home away from it all, this expedition will certainly be that.  The thought of travelling through mountainous seas though is daunting, the expectations I have of the landscape and wildlife are exciting."




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