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Expedition's Yacht - The John Laing

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The expedition has chartered the sail training vessel John Laing from the Ocean Youth Trust (South).  


The yacht has been prepared for the voyage at The Army Port Maritime Unit at Marchwood near Southampton.






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The John Laing is a 72' steel hulled ketch which accommodates a maximum crew of 16.  Crew are housed in four sets of 3 tier bunks at the front of the vessel & 2 separate cabins at the rear of the yacht.




Primarily designed as a sail training vessel for young people its spartan accommodation is ideally situated for the needs of the BAAE.

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1. John Laing departs from Portsmouth 27th August 2001
2. Yacht John Laing in Ocean Village, Southampton November 2000
3. Forward crew quarters, bunk accommodation for 12


En-route to Cherbourg during post refit sea trails, March 2001

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