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Simon Thomas Horne (29) from Torquay in Devon is a Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps.  He currently works in the Accident & Emergency departement at Frimley Park Hospital.

He's previously worked as doctor in Portsmouth & Plymouth. He's served with 5 Royal Irish and then 1 Royal  Anglian Regiment. in Northern Ireland.  Simon is a Battlefield Advanced Trauma Life Support instructor & is Chairman of the Haywood Club, a Forces Medical Society.

Simon has not previously been on any expeditions & is a novice mountaineer.  He raced dingys and small yachts in Torquay in his younger days & delivered yachts for fairweather sailors with his father, who was Rear Commodore of the Royal Torbay Yacht Club, as a part time job.  Simon has completed the RYA III powerboat course and has plenty of experience on safety boats for sailing races and regattas.  On skis he can hold his own on piste but is a newcomer to ski-mountaineering.

Simon describes his role on BAAE:

"I think that I'm an endless source of enthusiastic but largely unskilled support to the rest of the team.  That includes maintaining morale by making sure that niggling injuries and illnesses don’t marr anyone's enjoyment of the expedition.  Hopefully I won't need my medical skills but I'm a calm safe pair of medical hands if anything untoward happens."

"I'm most looking forward to climbing my first real mountain, sailing the worlds biggest seas, growing a beard & seeing the southern cross as I'm a bit of a star spotter!"

"I'm most dreading climbing my first real mountain & leaving my wife and dogs behind."




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