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tim1.jpg (5678 bytes)Tim Hall ABIPP

Tim Hall (44) is a freelance professional photographer and web author who lives in a rural area of North Shropshire.  Despite home being originally in Kent he attended The Abbey School, Fort Augustus, in the Scottish Highlands.

As one of only three civilians included in the BAAE he brings a combination of many skills and previous Antarctic expedition experience.

Tim retired from the Royal Navy (RN) in 1999 following a career that spanned 22 years.  He joined the RN and trained as a Marine Engineering Mechanic in 1977 but following 6 years at sea he was accepted in to the Fleet Air Arm Photographic Branch where he rose to the rank of Chief Petty Officer Airman (Photographer).

While in the RN Tim travelled extensively throughout the world combining his pursuit of photographic excellence not just with his land, sea and air military assignments but often with adventure training activities.  He served on board HMS Antrim during the 1982 Falklands War, spent 3 years working as the unit photographer with 45 Commando Royal Marines & managed a small intelligence gathering outpost in the Far East.  In the mid 90's he worked within the submarine flotilla, based at The Clyde Submarine Base and was involved in the photographic activities associated with the introduction into the RN of the  Trident submarine fleet.   Tim spent his final 3 years in the RN as the course director for the training of the Navy's and the Army's professional photographers at The Joint School of Photography (JSOP) which is based at RAF Cosford.

Once owner of a small yacht and holder of a RYA coastal skipper's certificate Tim's main interest is mountaineering which like his sailing experience originates from his school days.  He's climbed extensively in Scotland and in Arctic Norway, North America, the Alps and Antarctica.  In 1984-85 he played a major role in The Joint Services Expedition to Brabant Island, Antarctica.  In 1991, at the invitation of friends in the Army, he took part in The Royal Anglian South Georgia Expedition.  His involvement with BAAE stems from his experiences on this South Georgia expedition when the concept of BAAE, as a yacht based mountaineering expedition independent of ship based support, was initially muted among friends on the expedition.

"Mountaineering compliments my photography, it takes me to places and into situations that other photographers don't get to.  For me climbing to a mountain's summit is secondary to my quest for a stunning image.   Having said that you usually don't get one without trying to achieve the other so the two disciplines compliment each other beautifully."

In 1998/1999 Tim spent an austral Summer working for the commercial tour operator Adventure Networktim.jpg (22887 bytes) International (ANI) at ANI's Patriot Hills forward base.  ANI provides air transportation and support to Antarctic expeditions and they mount commercial expeditions from Chile via Patriot Hills to a number of areas on the Antarctic continent including Vinson Massif (4897m) in the Senital Range of the Ellsworth Mountains, the South Pole and Queen Maud Land.   During his time at Patriot Hills, running IT and communications systems from a tented camp for 4 months, he travelled to the South Pole and undertook a number of solo soirees into the mountains in the vicinity of Patriot Hills.

Married with two sons aged 9 & 13 Tim is an aspiring Internet entrepreneur.  His other interests aside from photography, IT & computers are skiing, DIY & mountaineering literature.

Writing for Antarctic-Expedition.org Tim says:

"For me expeditions are all about getting our cluttered way of life back to basics and getting our lives into perspective.  There's something wonderful about having to make do with what you are carrying, the surplus baggage of everyday life gets left behind. Robert Swan (1st man to walked to both the North and the South Poles) summed it up better than I when he wrote:"


"Exploration is a tremendous liberty and privilege.  The existence, alone on the ice, frees the soul.  From this place, as I'm sure it is possible from a mountain peak, one can see things more clearly.  Isolation is a source of great strength and release."

Robert Swan, 1989

Tim continues:

I'm most looking forward to the sense of adventure and isolation that Antarctica instils in me, I'm dreading the day we see the mountains of the Antarctic Peninsula dip below the horizon as we sail North at the start of our journey home.  On my previous Antarctic expeditions when the time arrived for us to depart I'd have gladly stayed behind!

Tim is an associate of The British Institute of Professional Photography, a founding member of The Antarctic Swimming Club (he's swam in the Arctic and Antarctic) and following an expedition to Zimbabwe in 1994 he's a member of The British Schools Exploring Society.  He is the webmaster of a number of web-sites including this one www.baae.org.uk



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