Greenland - Log 1:

Fiona and Blue watch have taken the lead in this our first log from leg 10. So my... (Read More)

Greenland - Log 2:

Discoverer is now almost 24 hours out of Halifax on course to St John’s Newfoundland. Anyone who knows me personally or has had the misfortune... (Read More)

Greenland - Log 3:

So much has happened since our last post that it is hard to know where to start or what to single out. But let’s start by... (Read More)

Greenland - Log 4:

Discoverer is now more than half way across the Labrador Sea. This is the longest hop of our leg to date and of course... (Read More)

Greenland - Log 5:

The crossing of the Labrador has been our most demanding sailing to date. Conditions have been well within... (Read More)

Greenland - Log 6:

We are preparing to leave Greenland. On deck we are stowing the last of our inflatable boats and we are securing Discoverer for sea and the passage... (Read More)

Greenland - Log 7:

We are in Iceland at the end of our current journey and by the time you read this I expect the crew will be back in the UK. Our crossing from Greenland to the Denmark Straight, or... (Read More)

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