BAAE - British Army Antarctic Expedition

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Passage From:

Falkland Islands to Falkland Islands (via Antarctic Peninsula)


18 Nov 07 to 30 Jan 08 (Completed)


74 Days (10.4 Weeks)

Aim & Objectives

In late November 07, 16 soldiers will sail, a 67 foot yacht, "Discoverer" from the Falkland Islands to the Antarctic Peninsula. They will cross The Drake Passage, with its deserved reputation as one of the roughest seas in the world, to arrive in December on the Danco Coast. Relying on their own determination and resource, they will spend the following 2 months building on the work of previous BAAE and other expeditions by exploring this little known area.

A programme of Field studies drawn up in conjunction with leading UK and international Polar bodies has drawn formal RGS approval and will directly support scientific research during International Polar Year. A significant part of which is driven by the urgent need to improve our understanding of the region's interaction with climate change.

Third Expedition

BAAE 07-08 is the third such expedition in recent years. Continuing the theme, ethos and methodology of its predecessors in 2001 and 2004, BAAE 07-08 will continue the Services contribution to exploration of the Peninsula that dates back to 1943. BAAE 07 -08 will continue the exploration and field studies of previous British Army and other expeditions in The Danco Coast and Forbidden Plateau region.

The climate and topography of the region pose significant challenges to surviving let alone operating in this environment. Conditions are unpredictable, unstable; and uncertain. Long term and even short planning are challenging. In a remote and harsh region the teams resolve and determination will be vital but nature will determine our precise programme far more than our aspirations.

International Polar Year

2007-08 is International Polar Year (IPY). The global programme of scientific and educational activities planned to mark the event will stimulate, in particular, public awareness of Antarctica; an interest already heightened by the significance of the polar regions to the study of climate change and environmental protection. BAAE 07-08’s field studies programme is contributing to and benefiting from the IPY initiative; driven by the urgent need to gain a greater understanding of the region and the causes and effects of global warming.

BAAE 2007-8 is therefore the next generation of an enduring programme of responsible Antarctic exploration conducted by the British Army under the same leadership. Once again, however, the Expedition's fundamental principles mirror those established by the forefathers of Antarctic exploration.