LTTE - Leadership Through The Atlantic

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Aim & Objectives

Over a year the yacht Discoverer will sail the breadth of the Atlantic, from the high latitudes and Ice of Antarctica and The Arctic to the sweltering heat and humidity of The Tropics, each leg of this year long journey will face different challenges as successive crews face the uncertainty, dangers and rewards of ocean sailing. An integral part of the expedition is the Leadership Through The Atlantic programme.

This programme will target about one hundred selected young soldiers at the end of their initial army basic training who have never sailed before but who will have a unique opportunity for further personal and leadership development.   They will be joined by some Battlefield casualties from recent operations as they complete their recovery from serious injuries. 

LTTA - Started:
1. Gosport to Lanzarote (Completed)
2. Lanzarote to Salvador (Completed)
3. Salvador to Falkland Islands (Completed)

BAAE - Starts:
Falkland Islands to Falkland Islands (Completed)

LTTA - Resumes:
Falkland Islands (coastal sailing) (Completed)
6. Falkland Islands to Falkland Islands (Completed)
7. Falkland Islands to Rio de Janeiro (Completed)
8. Rio de Janeiro to Antigua (Completed)
9. Antigua to Halifax (Completed)
10. Halifax to Reykjavik (Completed)
11. Reykjavik to Tromso (via Svalbard) (Completed)
12. Tromso to Gosport (Completed)

These two groups will face the mental and physical challenges and rewards of sailing the world’s oceans, some will experience the Antarctic and Arctic firsthand. All will find a parallel with the challenges that they face and the two groups will draw strength and experience from each other. Challenging training lies at the very heart of the British Army’s approach to the personal and professional development of our young men and women.

The opportunity to take part in demanding expeditions all over the world, involving real risk, is a key element in preparation of soldiers for the adversity they will confront in their duties. It allows participants to experience, under experienced supervision, the effects of working together as a team under really testing conditions where the impact of decisions taken, on the safety and welfare of the group, is as real as those taken on operations.

Every leg of the Expedition will play its part in the success of the whole, but each will also seek to maximise the benefit to these young men and at the earliest stages of their careers. Their participation will be the trip and experience of a lifetime but in the process they will develop qualities of teamwork, self-awareness and confidence which will benefit their military careers, and prove no less valuable in later civilian employment and their future role in society too.

Commencing in August 2007 and finishing exactly one year later, the expedition will consist of 12 legs and cover a distance of nearly 30,000 nautical miles. As a final twist, during 2008 the expedition yacht will return to the UK via northern Arctic Waters and the Arctic Circle.