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Skipper: Bob Briggs JSASTC
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(Maj) Richard Pattison

1st Mate: Major (Maj) Richard Pattison

Major Richard Pattison, aged 45 is the project Officer and expedition leader for both BAAE and LTTA. After leaving The Leys School Cambridge, he joined his local regiment, The Royal Anglian Regiment as a Private soldier. (The Royal Anglian Regiment is the local Infantry regiment for East Anglia and the East Midlands.) After 3 years he left to read maths and physics at London University. After graduating, he returned to the Royal Anglian Regiment with a commission.

In a varied and exciting career he has served across the world in a variety of roles from Northern Ireland to Antarctica, as an anti tank gunner to the chief of staff of UK forces in the Balkans from armoured warrior to mountaineer and sailor. He was introduced to mountaineering and sailing by his parents and encouraged to pursue his interest within the Army and regimentally. This has led to world wide expeditions and opportunities; the Caribbean to the Antarctic and now to the Arctic. He is a fellow of The Royal Geographical Society and seeks to combine adventure with field studies. This is his first expedition with artificial hips.

Although clearly deriving considerable personal enjoyment from these activities in both recreational and adventurous terms, he is passionate about using the opportunity to encourage others to develop and expand their own horizons – again both for personal and professional development. As Kurt Hahn, the founder of Outward Bound put it:

“there is more in us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps, for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.”

LTTA allows him the opportunity to repay the Army and his own tutors by encouraging the next generation to reap the benefits that he has been so privileged to enjoy. He is convinced that the physical and mental demands of LTTA afford all participants the opportunity to return better equipped to face the opportunities and challenges of operations and life in general.

2nd Mate: Wing Commander (Wg Comd) Philip Howard-Smith

2nd Mate: Wing Commander (Wg Comd)
Philip Howard-Smith

Wing Commander Philip Howard-Smith, although aged 43 doesn’t feel a day older than 25 and originally comes from Leicester. Educated in Leicester and at Bath University he joined the RAF as a navigator in 1986. After the award of his navigator brevet he served on 208 Sqn at Lossiemouth, Scotland on Buccaneer aircraft for the next 5 years. Following a 2 year tour in Holland he retrained on Tornado Ground Attack aircraft based in Rutland and Scotland. Over the next 12 years he was based at Marham in East Anglia on 2 and 31 Squadron during which he was deployed on operations in the Middle East every year. He is currently serving at the Permanent Joint Headquarters at Northwood.

Despite regular dinghy sailing, I was most disappointed to be offered a great yacht delivery job for the Army’s Household Division, only to be rejected for the sake of formal sailings qualifications. This spurred me to undertake the RYA sailing qualification scheme through the JSASTC and in 2001 I gained the Coastal Skipper qualification. Multiple unit training expeditions have seen me skipper yachts in Kuwait, Cyprus, South France and various UK locations. Personal sailing highlights have included Croatia and South France and regular weekends on my own Dufour 385 yacht currently moored in Portsmouth.

Greenland has always held a particular fascination for me, having regularly overflown it and I was highly pleased to be able to grasp this opportunity to sail to Greenland. This will be my first experience of ocean sailing and I look forward not only to sailing the Northern Atlantic but also of running a watch on a large fully crewed yacht.

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Watch Leader: Major (Maj) Fiona Galbraith

Major Fiona Galbraith was brought up overseas and then completed her schooling in Sandwich, Kent. She now lives near Salisbury.

I was commissioned, from Sandhurst, into the Intelligence Corps in August 1995. As a junior officer I was attached to an infantry battalion for an operational tour of Bosnia and have subsequently served in Cyprus, UK and Germany and undertaken further operational deployments to Bosnia (again), Saudi Arabia and Op TELIC 1, the “Second Gulf War”. I am currently commanding a Military Intelligence Company which provides close military intelligence support to 3 (UK) Division and its subordinate brigades both in UK and in Iraq and Afghanistan and have undertaken operational service in both theatres myself during this command tour. On my return from this expedition, I am due to take up a new appointment as a staff officer in Whitehall.

I was introduced to sailing whilst a member of the University of London Officers’ Training Corps (ULOTC) on a one week exercise run on a Victoria 34 owned by the Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre (JSASTC), Gosport.. I was motivated by that to complete the Competent Crew course once in the regular army and have since gained sailing qualifications up to RYA Coastal Skipper. I was lucky enough to sail on Ex TRANSGLOBE over the millennium period, which included a tri-service race across the Caribbean (which the Army won) and a cruise through the Panama Canal on a services-owned Nicholson 55. I routinely put my experience to use taking novice sailors out to introduce them to this wonderful adventurous pursuit, including skippering boats for the annual Intelligence Corps sailing expedition, INTSAIL. I am very much looking forward to sailing with young soldiers on this trip and to building up my own experience by venturing into the ocean proper for the first time.

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Watch Leader: Sergeant (Sgt) Adrian Waters

Sgt Adi Waters aged 31 comes from Lincoln. I joined the Royal Engineers in September 94 and completed my initial training at the Army Training Regiment (ATR) Bassingbourne, before completing my special to arms training at 3 RSME, Minley.

Since then, I have served as a Geographic Technician in both the UK and Germany, which included tours in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq.

I was introduced into the world of sailing in 2000 on a Squadron adventure training week and have since qualified as a Coastal skipper, sailing in Scandinavia, Spain, the canary Isles and of course the English channel.

ARTD INSTRUCTOR (DCEME): Warrant Officer Second Class (WO2) Moray Watson

Novice Crew:

ARTD INSTRUCTOR (DCEME): Warrant Officer Second Class (WO2) Moray Watson

Moray Watson aged 39 comes from Devonside near Tillicoultry in Scotland and attended Hillfoot Hey comprehensive school in Liverpool. My farther served in the Army as a vehicle mechanic with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) for 22 years. Most of my family have served within the Army and as such I have always wanted to join. As a teenager I was unable to join as there weren’t any places for my choice which was originally as a vehicle mechanic.

After failing to get into the Army I set my sights on my next goal which was to be a chef. I achieved this by the age of 21 becoming a head chef. However I still longed to be in the Army and chose to have another try. I passed the required tests at Stirling ACIO and was soon off to Pirbright Guards Depot to complete my initial training; many years later this became ATR Pirbright as it is today. Once I’d been taught the basic skills and drills which all trainees must cover, I moved onto the School of Electronic and Aeronautical Engineering (SEAE) in Arborfield to become a Challenger 1 technician.

I’m currently back at SEAE as a Challenger 2 technician and Instructor within Land Systems/ Armoured systems, where I shall remain until 2010.

On the sporting side of life I enjoy Squash, but I also enjoy cooking and obviously computers.

ARTD Trainee (RSA): Gunner (Gnr) Daniel Walsh

ARTD Trainee (RSA): Gunner (Gnr) Daniel Walsh

Daniel Walsh aged 24 comes from Bournemouth.  He completed his GCSE’s at St Julian’s school in Carcoualos in Portugal.  On returning to the UK he joined the Territorial Army (TA) and attended Sparsholt College to study sport science in outdoor education, before eventually joining the Army in 2008.

It has always been my aspiration to join the army after serving in the TA.  I especially enjoyed the Infantry side of work but wanted more of a challenge, so I joined the Royal Artillery to pursue a career in fire Support and observation posts.  Since joining the army I’ve made many new friends, enjoying things that I never thought possible.

I have completed initial training at Pirbright, and am now stationed at the Royal School of Artillery (RSA) at Larkhill where I will complete my training before entering the field army.  I’m currently under going driver conversion to wolf and gaining my signals qualification, but just as important I’m building on the skills and drills I was taught at Pirbright.

Once I have completed my training I would like to be posted into 29 Commando Regiment, where I will be able to combine being a member of an observation team plus the challenge of calling in fire missions onto the enemy.

I have two main hobbies, the first is working on old classic cars the second is sport.  I participate in numerous outdoor sports throughout the summer and winter.  I especially enjoy climbing, snowboarding and mountain biking.

ARTD Trainee (SCHINF): Private (Pte) Daniel Bonham

ARTD Trainee (SCHINF): Private (Pte) Daniel Bonham

Daniel Bonham aged 23 comes from Peterborough and attended Kenstimpson School. I was attracted to the military way of life after watching the media footage of the army on operations especially the Royal Anglians serving at that time in Afghanistan, this appealed to my sense of adventure and fuelled by my desire to be at the business end of what the Army does.

I completed both my basic training and special to arms training at the Infantry Training Centre (ITC) Catterick. During the course I was taught the skills and drills required to become a first rate Infantry soldier, allowing me to take my place as a member of an Infantry Platoon/section. Once the expedition is complete I shall be joining my regiment 1 Royal Anglians based in Pirbright.

Outside of work I participate in numerous sports and hobbies, but I especially enjoy football and cycling.

ARTD Trainee (SAAvn): Lieutenant (Lt) Robert Painter

ARTD Trainee (SAAvn): Lieutenant (Lt)
Robert Painter

2Lt Rob Painter aged 21 comes from Cheddleton, Staffordshire. He attended Westwood high Prince Rupert school in Germany. He commissioned into the Army Air Corps (AAC) in May 2008 after completing the officer training course at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst (RMAS). He is currently stationed at 2 Regt AAC in Middle Wallop where he is studying to become a communications specialist. After the expedition he will move to Blandford to continue his military education, honing his skills as a signals officer.

Rob enjoys rugby, hockey, basketball and athletics, but is also an avid scuba driver and is a member of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC).

ARTD Trainee (DCLPA): Private (Pte) Michael West

ARTD Trainee (DCLPA): Private (Pte) Michael West

Michael West aged 16 comes from Hulland Ward, Ashbourne Derbyshire and attended Queen Elizabeth Grammar school. I completed my initial basic training at the Army Training Regiment in Bassingbourne.

I’m now serving at the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) training depot at Deepcut, Surrey, undertaking special to arms training within the RLC as a driver.

ARTD Trainee (DCLPA): Private (Pte) Leigh Higgins

ARTD Trainee (DCLPA): Private (Pte) Leigh Higgins

Leigh Higgins aged 19 comes from Kidderminster. He attended Wolverly high school where he attained passes at GCSE and A level standard. I joined the Army as I wanted a challenge and to find out what I was capable of in difficult and varying situations, something that would push me both intellectually and physically.

Basic training (Phase 1) I found both difficult and rewarding, it drops you right in at the deep end, in just fourteen weeks it takes a civilian and turns them into soldiers which is no mean feat, but the training is progressive and the training staff don’t expect you to run before you can walk. I especially enjoyed the adventure training and exercises. I’ve now completed Phase 1 and started special to arm training with the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) at Deepcut, I’m currently waiting to complete my Ammunition Technician (AT) course at Kineton.

I chose to become an AT as I like the idea of working within a technical role involving the varying types of ordnance that the army uses.

ARTD Trainee (RSME): Sapper (Spr) Dean White

ARTD Trainee (RSME): Sapper (Spr) Dean White

Dean White aged 17 comes from Watford and attended Queen’s school. I completed the 14 weeks of basic military training at the Army Training Regiment in Bassingbourne. It was hard work but I made many new friends and the camaraderie helped me get through the difficult times. I then moved on to 3 RSME which is located in Minley just outside Camberley, here I was taught Combat Engineering which all potential Royal Engineer soldiers must pass in order to move onto their chosen trade, which for me was Building and Structural Finishing.

I chose this trade as it would give me a second career outside of the army should I ever chose to leave the forces.

On completion of the expedition I shall be joining 35 Engineer Regiment in Paderborn, Germany. I enjoy numerous sports which include football, rugby and swimming.

ARTD Trainee (RSME): Sapper (Spr) Craig Taber

ARTD Trainee (RSME): Sapper (Spr) Craig Taber

Craig Taber aged 25 comes from Tamworth, North Birmingham and attended Belgrave High and Sheffield Hallam University. Before enlisting into the Regular Army I served with 106 Field Squadron Royal Engineers in Sheffield for 3 years. I took the decision to join as I really enjoyed the way of life that the military had to offer, especially its adventure training opportunities and the chance to travel the world.

I completed my basic military training at the Army Training Regiment in Winchester before moving onto 3 RSME in Minley to complete special to arm training. Before joining, I was involved in Mechanical Engineering but have decided to diversify into electrics, therefore my chosen trade within the army will be as an electrician.

On returning from the expedition I will be joining 39 Engineer Regiment at Waterbeach. My hobbies include angling, climbing, walking, DIY and reading.

ARTD Trainee (DCEME): Craftsman (Cfn) Joshua Souber

ARTD Trainee (DCEME): Craftsman (Cfn)
Joshua Souber

Cfn Joshua Souber aged 18 comes from Streatham in South London and attended Tamworth Manor high school. I joined the army aged 16 as the idea of going to college seemed mundane and I wanted to try something a bit more exciting. I started my military career at the Army Foundation College (AFC) in Harrogate, where I completed my initial basic training before moving onto the School of Electronic and Aeronautical Engineering (SEAE) at Arborfield, this is a division of the Defence College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (DCEME), where I’m training as an Electronics Technician.

On completion of the expedition I will be promoted to a Lance Corporal and start my first posting within the field army as a member of the Light Dragoons Light Aid Detachment.

I used to kickbox before I joined the army but while at Harrogate I took up boxing which I’m keen to continue. I also enjoy football and have recently taken up swimming.

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