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Skipper: Commander (Cdr) Nick Trundle

Commander Nick Trundle joined the Royal Navy as an Executive Branch officer cadet in 1976. Since leaving Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth he has trained as a both a warfare officer and Fleet Air Arm Observer and served in a number of Air Squadrons and all classes of ship from minehunter to aircraft carrier including ship command.

'Messing around in boats' from an early age and sailing since 1972 he has enjoyed skippering Service yachts since the award of his Services Offshore Skipper ticket in 1976. His task is to deliver the expedition safely from Iceland to Tromso, northern Norway, via the east coast of Greenland. He sees sailing above the Arctic Circle with a crew of young Servicemen and women as a tremendous opportunity and epitomises the military ethos of seeking out and rising to every challenge.

(Maj) Richard Pattison

1st Mate: Major (Maj) Richard Pattison

Major Richard Pattison, aged 45 is the project Officer and expedition leader for both BAAE and LTTA. After leaving The Leys School Cambridge, he joined his local regiment, The Royal Anglian Regiment as a Private soldier. (The Royal Anglian Regiment is the local Infantry regiment for East Anglia and the East Midlands.) After 3 years he left to read maths and physics at London University. After graduating, he returned to the Royal Anglian Regiment with a commission.

In a varied and exciting career he has served across the world in a variety of roles from Northern Ireland to Antarctica, as an anti tank gunner to the chief of staff of UK forces in the Balkans from armoured warrior to mountaineer and sailor. He was introduced to mountaineering and sailing by his parents and encouraged to pursue his interest within the Army and regimentally. This has led to world wide expeditions and opportunities; the Caribbean to the Antarctic and now to the Arctic. He is a fellow of The Royal Geographical Society and seeks to combine adventure with field studies. This is his first expedition with artificial hips.

Although clearly deriving considerable personal enjoyment from these activities in both recreational and adventurous terms, he is passionate about using the opportunity to encourage others to develop and expand their own horizons – again both for personal and professional development. As Kurt Hahn, the founder of Outward Bound put it:

“there is more in us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps, for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.”

LTTA allows him the opportunity to repay the Army and his own tutors by encouraging the next generation to reap the benefits that he has been so privileged to enjoy. He is convinced that the physical and mental demands of LTTA afford all participants the opportunity to return better equipped to face the opportunities and challenges of operations and life in general.

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2nd Mate: Corporal (Cpl) Jason Hadley
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Watch Leader: Leading Seaman (LMEA)
Matthew Page
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Watch Leader: Petty Officer (PO) Andrew Scott
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Watch Leader: Captain (Capt) Rhidian Bowen

Capt Rhidian Bowen aged 29 comes from Cornwall. He commissioned from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in April 2005 into the Army Air Corps, transferring to the Intelligence Corps in May 2006, where he is currently serving as a Section Commander within 1 MI Bn, stationed in JHQ, Germany.

Growing up near the Cornish coast, Capt Bowen was introduced to dingy sailing from an early age and over the years has sailed a variety of dinghies and small keel boats. His first introduction to sailing yachts was in 2001, when he crewed a SHE 36 from Antigua to the British Virgin Islands. Since then, he has sailed yachts around the UK, Florida, Africa and the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas.

Capt Bowen completed his Day Skipper (tidal) practical course in July 2004 and has also passed his shore based Yachtmaster, hoping to complete the practical course in 2009.

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Watch Leader: Corporal (Cpl) Lyndall Lohman

Lyndall Lohman aged 24 come’s form Denbigh, North Wales. I joined the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps as a student Nurse in 2003, and have served for the majority of my time in Portsmouth. During my career I have served in the Gulf.

I am currently a staff nurse working at the Royal Hospital Haslar in Gosport. Being so near to Portsmouth has fuelled my love of sailing. Having initially completed my competent crew course back in 2003, I have since gained my Day skippers as well has numerous dinghy sailing qualifications.

Last year I had the opportunity to sail from Cape Town to Cape Verde, my introduction to the Challenger 67 yacht, and with a 24 day leg at sea it was definitely an introduction!

This will be my first sail in the arctic oceans and one I have looked forward to for a long time.

Stephen Alecock

Novice Crew:

ARTD INSTRUCTOR (ARMcen): Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Stephen Alecock

I joined the Army in 1988. I completed basic training at Arborfield and trade training at SEME, Bordon, returning there in 1992 to qualify as a class 1 vehicle mechanic (Armoured).

During my career I have served in Hohne with the Queens Own Hussars (QOH) and 39 Regt Royal Artillery in Sennelager, deploying on various tours of Cyprus and participated on numerous diving expeditions to Jordon and Sardinia.

In 1996 I transferred to the Queens Royal Hussars (QRH) and went on to serve in Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland and Iraq.

I have participated in many sports at varying levels including; volleyball, football, golf, cricket and hockey. My hobbies include Enduro, of which I’ m a member of the Armoured Centre Enduro team.

Daniel Griffiths

ARTD Trainee (ARMcen)): Trooper (Tpr)
Daniel Griffiths

Daniel Griffiths aged 21 comes from Myddle near Shrewsbury and attended Corbet School at Baschurch.

I joined the Army for the experience and the sense of adventure which a life within the forces offers. I completed my basic training at the Army Training Regiment (ATR) Winchester, where on completion I was awarded the soldiers medal by my peers. I then moved to the Armoured Training Centre (ARMcen) at Bovington in Dorset to train as a Royal Armoured Corps soldier. On completion of the expedition I will be posted into the field army to 1st the Queen’s Dragoon Guards based at Sennelager in Germany as a driver within a reconnaissance troop. As soon as I arrive in my unit I will go straight into pre-deployment training in readiness for a Regimental operational deployment to Afghanistan later in the year.

I enjoy all sports, especially football, ice hockey, golf and basketball in which I’ve represented Shropshire. My hobbies include scuba diving and snow boarding.

Thomas Stanley

ARTD Trainee (SAAvn): Air Trooper (A/Tpr)
Thomas Stanley

Thomas Stanley aged 20 come’s Wheaton Aston which is not far from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands and attended Wolgarston High School. It has always been my aspiration to join the army especially the Army Air Corps (AAC) because I have always had a fascination and love of helicopters.

My initial training took place at the Army Training Regiment (ATR) Winchester and from there I went on to 2 (Trg) AAC, Middle Wallop. I have completed trade training and waiting posting to 4 Regt AAC on completion of the expedition. I will be employed as an MT/ground crew specialist.

I enjoy watching and participating in football but will play most sports.

Alex Coupe

ARTD Trainee (DCCIS): Signaller (Sig) Alex Coupe

Alex Coupe aged 19 comes from Hellifield, North Yorkshire and attended Settle High School before completing his further education at Craven College where he studied entry into the uniformed services.

After I finished high school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. The career’s advisor said ‘what about the Army?’, so I did some research and decided that’s what I wanted to do. I then found out about a course at my local college that was called entry into the uniformed service, so I completed this before enlisting.

On the course I did everything from P.T to adventure training. I also participated in activities run by the RAF, Navy and of course the Army, which included a look at life Army course which was a week with the Royal Artillery at Richmond. I worked on the DCCT (computer firing range), learned survival training outdoors and did a nights exercise on Dartmoor. I also completed survival training with the Royal Marines which included building shelters and hunting and preparing food i.e. catching, skinning and cooking rabbits.

Since enlisting and completing basic training I’ve learned what it really means to be in the Army, being professional in everything I do, having friends that will do anything for you if you ask and doing the same for them. Meeting someone new in the Army and after talking with them for a few minutes you would trust them with your life. Since joining I’ve made friends for life regardless of rank, age, race or beliefs and they’re the best mates you could ask for.

I completed my initial training at the Army Training Regiment (ATR) Pirbright. I spent 14 weeks learning all the skills and drills necessary to become a solider. I then moved onto 11 Signal Regiment in Blandford, Dorset. I have just completed my trade training and once the expedition is completed I shall be attending DTS Leconfield for 12 weeks driver training, before moving onto my first unit posting which is 7 Signals Regiment in Germany.

My chosen trade within the Royal Signals is that of a driver lineman, which involves driving vehicles from cars and land rovers right up to heavy goods vehicles and even bigger than that. Also laying all the cabling required for effective communications and repairing the cables if they become damaged.

Sports and Hobbies: I enjoy most sports and will try anything once. I like rocking which I started at college and other adventurous sports like kayaking, caving and abseiling. I have recently done my first solo parachute jump and am looking to do more jumps.

Chelsea Hampson

ARTD Trainee (RSA): Gunner (Gnr)
Chelsea Hampson

Chelsea Hampson aged 17 comes from Brentford in West London and attended Brentford School for Girls. In the time I was there I studied English, maths, science, geography, I.C.T and took part in sports on a regular occasion.

At the age of 12 I started attending The Royal Signals (A.C.F) in Hammersmith and gained L/Cpl in the first year. I took part in many leadership courses such as J.C.I.C (junior instructor’s cadre) S.C.I.C (senior cadet instructor’s cadre) and gained my adults St Johns Ambulance qualification. Just before my last annual camp I was promoted to sergeant major making me the youngest person and first female in the county to promoted to that rank. With the ACF I took part in many athletic and cross country competitions which I have attained over 30 medals in.

I gained interest in the Army when I was 9 and signed up for the army at the earliest opportunity which was 15 and 6 months. The ACF gave me a wide insight of what the army involves and the basics of infantry training, this insight provided me with the information I needed to make the decision whether I wanted to join the regular Army or not.

I’m currently attending Special to Arm training at the Royal School of Artillery (RSA) at Larkhill. Which is where I improve upon my basic skills as well as learn new ones, so far I have completed my signals course, essential skills (maths), and my B theory driving, I will also get my driving license straight after the expedition.

My sports are kickboxing, football and athletics.

Anthony Shaw

ARTD Trainee (RSME): Sapper (Spr) Anthony Shaw

Anthony Shaw aged 19 comes from a small town called Caldicot (near Newport and Chepstow), South Wales’ and attended Caldicot Comprehensive School.

I joined the Army for the trade, lifestyle and experiences that come with it, seeing and experiencing things that only a few get to see.

My basic training was at the Army Training Regiment (ATR) Winchester. I am currently stationed at 3 Regt the Royal School of Mechanical Engineering (RSME) at Minley and have completed my B3 combat engineering course and was awarded best combat engineer of my intake.

On completion of the expedition I shall be moving to 1 RSME, Chatham in Kent to complete my Special to Arms trade training as an electrician in the Royal Engineers. The course is 38 weeks in duration and then I shall be posted to 21 Engineer Regiment in Ripon.

I played squash and youth rugby before joining the army and am hoping I can play for the engineers in the future. My hobbies include, Sport, Sightseeing, Movies, Music and adventurous training.

Matthew Evans

ARTD Trainee (DCEME): Craftsman (Cfn)
Matthew Evans

Cfn Matt Evans aged 23 comes from Hull in East Yorkshire and attended Malet Lambert secondary school and further education at Wyke College. I joined the army for a new challenge, career change and also the opportunity to travel. I completed my initial training at the Army Training Regiment (ATR) Pirbright in January 2008. I’m now in the middle of Special to Arms trade training at the School of Aeronautical and Electronic Engineering at Arborfield, where I’m training to become an aircraft technician. I chose the aircraft technician job as am interested in the aircrafts and think working with the apaches’ would be awesome.

My hobbies include rugby league, football, cricket and going out with the lads at weekends, I’ve never tried sailing before so going through the arctic should be a good place to start.

Andrew Lock

ARTD Trainee (Hunter Coy, Royal Marines): Lance Corporal (L/Cpl) Andrew Lock

Andrew Lock aged 28 joined the Royal Marines (RM) in July 2003. On completion of his 9 months basic training at Lympstone he was drafted to 45 Commando RM in Arbroath, Scotland. Soon after joining my unit I deployed on Op Calash in the Arabian Gulf and then onto Africa working with the local police. On my return I deployed to Afghanistan for 6 months on Op Herrick. On completion of the tour I was drafted back to Lympstone as a member of CTCRM assisting in recruit training.

After the expedition I will be undertaking a Junior Command Course in September in order to further my promotion.

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