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Skipper: Becky Walford (JSASTC)
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1st Mate: Philip Brown (JSASTC)
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2nd Mate: Michael Symes (JSASTC)
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Watch Leader: Warrant Officer 2nd Class (WO2) Matthew Jarvis
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Watch Leader: Officer Cadet (Ocdt) David Macklin

Watch Leader: Officer Cadet (Ocdt) David Macklin

Ocdt David Macklin aged 23, currently living in Bristol. I joined the OTC in 2004 when I started at the University of the West of England. Whilst in the OTC I have taken part in a UK OTC rugby tour to Cyprus and played hockey for the Army U23’s.

I have just graduated with a BA degree in Business Administration and due to start Sandhurst in January.

I have sailed all my life, and used it to fund my way through university by teaching a range of water sports during my summer holidays. However I only started progressing up the RYA yachting scheme in March 2007 when I took my Day Skipper assessment, I then took skippered for two weeks in the summer of 2007 for some adventure training for my unit.

I have recently completed my shore based Costal skipper/Yachtmaster course, and I hope to undertake the practical assessment before Christmas. I am really looking forward to sailing a longer distance passage which I hope will help build my experience, and develop my skills before my practical Costal Skipper assessment

ARTD INSTRUCTOR (RSME): Corporal (Cpl) Steven Gillan

Novice Crew:

Steven Gillan

Steven Gillan aged 28, comes from Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire. Due to my father serving a full 22 year career in the Royal Signals, I attended three different Secondary Schools. Windsor School at the Joint Headquarters (JHQ) in Rhinedalen, Germany. Risedali School in Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire and Cheadle High School in Stoke-on-Trent.

I joined the Army in 1997 at the age of 17 and completed my initial training at the Army Training Regiment (ATR) Bassingbourne before moving on to 3 Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) at Minley where I completed the first part of my Special to Arm training as a Combat Engineer. After a short 10 month posting to Germany I returned to the UK joining 1 RSME in Chatham Kent, where I completed the third and final part of my training, a class 2 Heating and Plumbing course which would see me qualified as a fully trained soldier within the Royal Engineers.

Since joining the Army I have served in the UK, Germany, Poland, Cyprus, Kenya, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and the USA. I’m currently serving at 3 RSME as a Combat Engineer instructor, also having been to 1 RSME as a Heating and Plumbing instructor.

My hobbies include running, Cross-Country, Swimming, Scuba Diving and Sky Diving, which I complete at Corps level.

I really enjoy my career in the Army, which is diverse, challenging and really rewarding. I intend to serve the full 24 years, as it is now, having recently changed from 22 to a 24 year long career. During the expedition I will be the ARTD Instructor responsible for nurturing the trainee’s leadership qualities.

ARTD Trainee (SCHinf): Private (Pte) Callum Daly

ARTD Trainee (SCHinf): Private (Pte) Callum Daly

Callum Daly aged 17 comes from Southampton and attended Bitterne Park Senior School. I joined the Army to experience new things that would be unobtainable in civilian life, challenge myself both physically and mentally and ultimately forging a career for myself.

I completed both the initial and special to arm training at the Infantry Training Centre (ITC) in Catterick, North Yorkshire. There I was taught the necessary skills and drills required of an infantry solider in the field. It is my intention to remain in the Army for the full 24 years working through the ranks. I believe that the Army has so much to offer, the opportunities and experiences are endless. I’ve only served 6 months so far and already am participating in this expedition.

On completion of the expedition I shall be joining my chosen Regiment the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (PWRR) based at Paderborn Germany, which am really looking forward to.

ARTD Trainee (SCHinf): Private (Pte) Peter Murphy

ARTD Trainee (SCHinf): Private (Pte) Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy aged 24 comes from Wolverhampton and attended Great Wryley High School. I was a member of the Army Cadet Force (ACF) and attained the rank of Sergeant (Sgt). I have always wanted to join the Army and would like to serve the full 24 years. I would of liked to have enlisted earlier as I’m now 24, but due to a number of medical set backs this has not been possible.

My father served within the Army for 18 years in the Royal Corps of Transport (RCT) which was the forerunner to the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) and my brother is currently undertaking the Army selection process, whereby if he passes he will enlist into the same Regiment as me, the 3rd Battalion, the Mercian Regiment (Staffords).

As I joined the Infantry both the initial and special to arm training was carried out at the Infantry Training Centre (ITC) in Catterick, North Yorkshire. The course is 26 weeks in duration, and teaches you everything you should know in order to become an effective soldier in the field.

On completion of the expedition I shall be returning to my Regiment based at Moolton barracks in Tidworth, where I will be initially trained as a mortar man, taking my place in the mortar platoon.

Since completing training I have gained a bit of experience in the Battalion and as an Infantryman in general. In the future I would like to attend the sniper course as this is what interests me the most.

I enjoy a plethora of sporting activities that the Army has to offer but I especially like running and swimming.

ARTD Trainee (DCCIS): Signaller (Sig) Adam Wood

ARTD Trainee (DCCIS): Signaller (Sig) Adam Wood

Sig Adam Wood aged 18 comes from Dinnington outside Newcastle, aged 10 I moved to Gosforth and completed my education at Gosforth High school.

I wasn’t to sure what career path I wished to follow at that stage, however I’d been a member of the Army Cadet Force (ACF) for 2 years obtaining the rank of Lance Corporal (L/Cpl) and therefore had a basic grounding of military knowledge. I decided to take the plunge and enlist into the Army to prove to myself that I had what it takes to forge a successful career in the forces.

My initial training took place at the Army Training Regiment (ATR) Pirbright. I really enjoyed this experience learning new skills and meeting new friends. On completion of the 14 week course, I moved to Blandford in order to complete special to arm training as a signaller within the Royal Signals. Currently I’m waiting to go on to the Defence School of Transport (DST) at Leconfield to complete the necessary driver training required for my trade. My chosen trade involves laying cable and working as a member of the Military Transport (MT) section.

Once I have completed all of my training I will be posted to 21 Signal Regiment which is located not far from Bath.

My hobbies range from rugby, football, golf, socialising and generally going out.

ARTD Trainee (ARMcen): Trooper (Tpr) Scott Armstrong

ARTD Trainee (ARMcen): Trooper (Tpr)
Scott Armstrong

Scott Armstrong aged 19 comes from Lancaster and attended Our Lady’s Catholic College. It has always been my aspiration to join the Army especially the Royal Armoured Corps, since I was young I have always been fascinated by armoured vehicles but especially Tanks.

My initial basic training took place at the Army Training Regiment (ATR) Bassingbourne which lasted 14 weeks; there we were taught the skills and drills required by all soldiers in the military regardless of their chosen Corps. On completion of this initial phase I moved to the Armoured Centre in Bovington to train as a Royal Armoured Corps Crewman. I will be taught to drive a Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank and operate its communication suite. Once trained, I will join my chosen Regiment the Queen’s Royal Hussars.

I participate in many sports but I especially enjoy football and boxing.

ARTD Trainee (SAAvrn): Air Trooper (A/Tpr) Jamie De-Stains

ARTD Trainee (SAAvrn): Air Trooper (A/Tpr)
Jamie De-Stains

Jamie De-Stains aged 19 comes from Cleveland and attended the Sacred Heart R.C School. Ever since I did work experience with the Army (Yorkshire Regiment, The Green Howard’s) back in 2004, I knew I wanted to join the military.

Before attending basic training I attended a weeks course with the Royal Engineers, this experience rekindled my enthusiasm for a career within the Armed Forces, I knew then that I had made the right decision to enlist. My initial training took place at the Army Training Regiment (ATR) Winchester. This was both physically and mentally demanding and after 14 intense weeks, I passed off as a Phase 2 Air Trooper. I was then stationed at the School of Army Aviation (SAAvrn) 2 Training Regiment Middle Wallop in Hampshire. Here I was taught re-fuelling and ground crew responsibilities to support the Apache Attack Helicopter. I have also built upon my military skills taught at the outset of training and carried out additional training at the Defence College of Transport (DST) at Leconfield, where I learnt how to drive a Leyland DAF, Landrover, MAN Support vehicle and Drops.

I’m currently awaiting my signals course before being posted to a Regiment as a MT/Aviation Ground Crewman Specialist. It is my aspiration to become a Helicopter Door Gunner and in the future to become a pilot.

I like most sports, everything from power boating to hopefully going onto to parachuting.

ARTD Trainee (DCLPA): Private (Pte) Richard Nash

ARTD Trainee (DCLPA): Private (Pte) Richard Nash

Richard Nash aged 25 comes from Coventry and attended Gloucester School Bergen, Germany. This was due to my father who is a Warrant Officer Class One (WO1) in the Adjutants’ General Corps (AGC).

I was a member of the Army Cadet Force (ACF) for a number of years in Gloucester and attained the rank of Lance Corporal (L/Cpl). Unfortunately, I had to give this up due my fathers pending posting back to Germany.

After leaving school I tried a number of varying careers but something always seemed missing, so eventually I joined the Army where my heart has always been.

I completed the 14 weeks initial basic training at the Army Training Regiment (ATR) Pirbright, before moving onto the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) training depot in Deepcut, where I was going to be taught to drive a multitude of military vehicles and learn to become a Movements Controller within the RLC. I chose this trade, as the opportunities for travel around the globe are immense.

On completion of the expedition I will return to Deepcut and complete my training before being posted to Germany early in 2009.

I have just taken up rugby at Deepcut and would like to join the boxing team in October. The Army has given me a new vest for all sporting activities and I’m always willing to give something a try.

ARTD Trainee (RSME): Sapper (Spr) Joshua Howell-Williams

ARTD Trainee (RSME): Sapper (Spr) Joshua

Josh Howell-Williams aged 18 come’s from Chatham, Kent, and attended Medway Community College. I joined the Army as I wanted a challenge and to find out what I was capable of in difficult and varying situations, something that would push me both intellectually and physically.

My initial training took place at the Army Training Regiment (ATR) Lichfield, this lasted 14 weeks and its aim was to teach the fundamental principles of soldiering that all men and women are required to know before moving onto train within their chosen trade. I then moved on to 3 RSME in Minley to complete my first part of trade training within the Royal Engineers that of a Combat Engineer. On return from Norway, I will move to 1 RSME in Chatham, Kent to undergo part 2 of trade training as a Signals Specialist.

I enjoy watching and participating in numerous sports but I especially enjoy football, cricket and snooker.

ARTD Trainee (DCEME): Craftsman (Cft) Christopher Boyd

ARTD Trainee (DCEME): Craftsman (Cft)
Christopher Boyd

Christopher Boyd aged 18 comes from a small town called amble, it’s a fishing port on the north east coast of England. I went to Coquet high school which has its engineering college status; I went there for 3 years of compulsory schooling and 1 year of sixth form.

I have been a member of a youth team and student council at Coquet high school; I also worked for a youth organisation which was a sail training trust.

I joined the army so I could have the opportunity to go out there and make a difference in the world, plus I always loved the outdoors so to me the best thing I could do was join up.

I attended the Army Training Regiment (ATR) Pirbright for basic training; this was a 14 week period in which I was taught the basics needed for the army. After Basic training I was sent to Prince Philip Barracks in Bordon, this is the school of electrical mechanical engineering. In Bordon they train a lot of the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers.

I wish to pursue a trade as a metal smith, this basically means I will be able to weld sheet metal work and forge. This is a good trade as in civilian side of things getting the chance to learn the trades of a blacksmith come very far between. I wish to become a metal smith because I have been interested in metalwork for a long time and to me there is no job better for me to learn how to work with metal any better than as a metal smith.

After I get back from this expedition I shall be posted back to Bordon to continue with my phase 2 training.

The sports that I am interested in are; kayaking, sailing and snowboarding. These keep me busy all year round so I can keep a basic fitness even in the winter. In my own time I like to get out into the hills walking and camping, and to get out on the water to sail and paddle.

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