Trans Atlantic - Log 1:

The mood on HMSTC Discoverer is buoyant and morale high as we prepare the boat for our transatlantic experience.(Read More)

Trans Atlantic - Log 2:

The sea sickness has been getting too much and the simplest things are hard eg walking straight. . . Cooking on a boat is horrible, when your buttering bread it’ll just suddenly slide to the other end of the table and don’t even get me started on making a brew. . . (Read More)

Trans Atlantic - Log 3:

From Chris Davies: “Its amazing to think that a 19 year old common lad from Leicestershire is steering a 67ft yacht over the Atlantic Ocean.” We are now sailing nicely down towards the Cape Verde Islands, still in the NE Trade Winds. (Read More)

Trans Atlantic - Log 4:

Yacht Discoverer is making fine progress south towards the equator. A 24 hour pit stop at the
Cape Verde Islands has refreshed the crew and given them an insight into a completely different
way of life. (Read More)

Trans Atlantic - Log 5:

Yacht Discoverer is making her way through the Doldrums and is now under 300 miles from the equator, morale continues to be good although Red Watch had to deploy foulies for the first time this morning. (Read More)

Trans Atlantic - Log 6:

On Saturday 6th October Yacht Discoverer was boarded by King Neptune and Queen Amphitrite and a crew that only contained one shellback at sunrise on Saturday all gained their shellback status.  Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere. (Read More)

Trans Atlantic - Log 7:

Mood on Yacht Discoverer is buoyant as she is making excellent progress towards Salvador.
(Read More)

Trans Atlantic - Log 8:

Yacht Discoverer is now alongside in Salvador Brazil - Final Log for Leg 2
(Read More)

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