South Georgia - Log 1:

After several days of necessary preparation, Discoverer and her crew for Leg 6, were finally ready to go to sea. Becky (Skipper) had hoped to have a training sail on the Sunday before departure, however with... (Read More)

South Georgia - Log 2:

For the afterguard the arrival of a new crew is always an interesting time. Not only is there the coming together and moulding of a new team. There is also the additional challenge of...
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South Georgia - Log 3:

On Monday morning Red Watch (Shaun, Chris, Glen and Harry) got the first glimpse of the South Georgia. We sighted it through much low cloud, as it came and went, but within a few hours...
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South Georgia - Log 4:

We awoke to an early start today at 07.30, and were soon tucking into some pleasant home made porridge which was prepared by... (Read More)

South Georgia - Log 5:

Our expedition to South Georgia has been a great success which we shall always remember. The Island has a number of... (Read More)

South Georgia - Log 6:

In any other circumstance for such a single minded sailing vessel as ours, the weather would be ideal however for the last two days the weather gods have been... (Read More)

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