South Atlantic - Log 1:

As the austral weather turns distinctly autumnal, its time for Discoverer to head north to sunny climes; next stop Rio!!! However before then it’s a pleasure to watch a new crew starting to gel as they prepare to face the challenge of a 2000 mile passage... (Read More)

South Atlantic - Log 2:

Over the last three and a half days we have sailed around the coast of East Falkland, up Falkland Sound, and out into the Southern Ocean. On Thursday, our first training day, we encountered some rough seas en route to Bull Roads and quite a few crew members experienced their first bout of sea sickness... (Read More)

South Atlantic - Log 3:

To use an adjective from a previous leg – the weather has been pretty ‘sporty’ over the last 3 days, with Force 10 winds and big seas. Discoverer has been well up to the ... (Read More)

South Atlantic - Log 4:

We have had calm, warm and showery weather over the last few days. The wind has rarely exceeded 23 knots and has been mostly at our backs. Helming under these conditions requires a lot of... (Read More)

South Atlantic - Log 5:

Well, we have arrived and are now giving the boat a thorough clean-up, ready for the next leg. Many apologies for the absence of a Wednesday log – I tried to get an internet connection several times without success. Looking back on the trip, the worst moment for me was ordering a sail change in rough sea, at ... (Read More)

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