Discoverer has had a slower than expected passage through The Doldrums (the traditional area of light winds around the Equator). For much of the passage she has had to motor, which is typically slower than sailing. Unfortunately she was also forced to call into Salvador to effect some essential engine repairs. Consequently she will not now arrive in Antigua on schedule. It is currently anticipated that the crew will fly back to the UK on 25 May. Please check this page for further updates.

The project office can be contacted for further information through the normal means
(see contact us page)

Richard Pattison
Expedition Project Officer

Across The Line - Log 1:

The last 24 hours have been somewhat changeable. The rain yesterday passed but the wind dropped and we have had to... (Read More)

Across The Line - Log 2:

Day 8 at sea and Disco is running elegantly along the Brazilian coast moving slowly towards
the South American Elbow. The wind is still light but we have the No 1 Genoa and a full main
up and are... (Read More)

Across The Line - Log 3:

It has been almost 72 hours with very little wind. There has been the occasional hour
long spells of... (Read More)

Across The Line - Log 4:

Since our last instalment we have been making steady but slow progress north-west toward Antigua. The light to non existent winds have meant... (Read More)

Across The Line - Log 5:

Yesterday was a perfect sailing day; sun and a good NE wind taking Disco towards Antigua at a good speed. The weather was far more... (Read More)

Across The Line - Log 6:

Today was the day that the crew had planned to fly home! Despite this set back the crew are getting on with the job in hand of delivering... (Read More)

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