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Skipper: Julian Yeardley
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Jules Yeardley is an Ocean Yachtmaster Instructor and Examiner. He served in the RAF as an avionics engineer and retired in 1993 after 26 years of service. He joined the JSASTC directly as a Nicholson Skipper and in the same year he became one of the JSASTC’s Nicholson Examiners.

Jules has been involved in service sailing for 30 years and has clocked up some 275,000 miles worldwide. Known as the ‘Oracle’ he skippered a yacht in the last Transglobe in 1998 and has been a Challenge Skipper from their acquisition by the JSASTC. Apart from his sailing prowess Jules is also an accomplished pianist, he is quite happy behind a piano entertaining locals in the many ports he knows and visits. His favourite composer and pianist is Oscar.

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1st Mate: Jonti Clews
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Jonti Clews is a Yachtmaster Ocean (qualified by Jules Yeardley) and a Yachtsmaster Instructor and Examiner, he is also a Sea Survival Instructor. He served in the Army for 26 years and retired in 2004. He joined the JSASTC directly and is one of the Centre’s instructors working on the Victoria Fleet.

He has his own yacht which he raced with friends in the 2007 Fastnet Race. He was a watch leader on the first BAAE in 2002 between the Falklands and Rio de Janeiro on the ketch the John Laing and is delighted to be back in Rio and Mating up to Antigua.

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2nd Mate: Warrant Officer Class 1 (WO1) Mick Avery

WO1 (ASM) Mick Avery age 38 from Newcastle Upon Tyne. I joined the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in June 1988 and have served in Germany and the UK with numerous deployments and exercises around the globe.

I am now employed as an Integrated Logistics Support Engineer within Defence Equipment Support at Abbey Wood Bristol as part of the Tactical Unmanned Air Vehicles Integrated Project Team. I first started sailing in1995, mostly competing in Regatta’s from Kiel and sailing/racing in the Baltic region. Since then I have competed in many more Regatta’s and organised/participated in many sailing exercises and team building events. I am an RYA Day Skipper and really looking forward to participating in Leg 8 across the Line.

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Watch Leader: Major General (Maj Gen)
Andrew Graham

The LTTA has been part of the life of the Army’s Recruiting and Training Division for more than a year. As Director General of the Division, Maj Gen Andrew Graham decided that “if you can’t beat them join them” and signed up for a leg of the journey.

A novice sailor this will be his first sailing expedition in 32 years of service and he is looking forward to developing the basic knowledge that he learnt recently on the RYA Day Skippers course in a more challenging environment that will test young and old alike.

Al Saunders

Watch Leader: Warrant Officer Class 1 (WO1)
Al Saunders

WO1 Al Saunders aged 45 from West Drayton Middlesex. I joined the 16th/5th The Queens’ Royal Lancers in 1980, after amalgamation in 1993 the Regiment became the Queens’ Royal Lancers (QRL). I have served on operations, postings and exercises in the Uk, Germany, Cyprus. Lebanon, Belize, Denmark, Poland, Canada and the Oman.

I am currently the Garrison Sergeant Major (GSM) for Upavon Garrison (HQ Land Forces)

I was a late starter as my first sailing experience was as crew on the winning yacht in the 2001 RAC Regatta. I competed again the following year taking second place. I completed my 22 years service in 2002 and was fortunate enough to be selected for continuance on the Long Service List, this has enabled me to continue the sport in the Army with the majority of my sailing and courses out from Gosport.

Iain Turner

Novice Crew:

ARTD INSTRUCTOR: Corporal (Cpl) Iain Turner

Cpl Iain Turner aged 26 comes from Lennoxtown Glasgow. Since joining the Army in February 2002. I have travelled to several different countries in varying roles such as Iraq, Canada, Cyprus, Poland, Germany and France.

I am currently stationed at DCCIS in Blandford as a member of the Phase 2 training staff..

Luke Stephenson

ARTD Trainee (HQ SAAVN): Air/Trooper (A/Tpr)
Luke Stephenson

A/Tpr Luke Stephenson aged 24 comes from Sleaford in Lincolnshire and attended St Georges school of technology. In my youth I played for the local Under 15 football team, which unfortunately was not very successful. It was during my time at St Georges that we were frequently visited by the local ACIO. I found their career talks both interesting and informative and therefore decided that a life in the Army was the right career move.

I completed Phase 1 training at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate North Yorkshire and during this time we participated in numerous adventure training activities, It was essential concentrated on building a strong team ethos, ethics and a sense of responsibility within a team, and of course along the way making life long friends.

After Harrogate, I moved to the School of Aviation at Middle Wallop to complete Special to Arms training as a member of the Army Air Corps (AAC), here I gained a NVQ in Telecommunications. On completion of the expedition, I will be posted to 4 Regiment in Wattisham near Ipswich.

In my spare time I enjoy playing most sports but in particular football and hockey.

Martyn Tyrrell

Royal Anglian: Private (Pte) Martyn Tyrrell

Pte Martyn Tyrrell aged 24 comes from Harwich and attended Harwich High school. Martyn is currently serving with 1 Royal Anglian (Vikings) stationed in Pirbright Surrey. Martyn is a member of the Mortars Platoon (Plt) and is responsible form laying down covering fire when in the assault.

After the expedition Martyn will be returning back to work after a year of intense physiotherapy at Headley Court, after being a casualty of a mine strike while serving in Afghanistan with hir Regiment.

Alexander Russell

ARTD Trainee (SCHINF): Private (Pte)
Alexander Russell

Pte Alex Russell aged 17 comes from Filey near Scarborough. I joined the Army when I was 16, and completed a year long training package at the Army Foundation College at Harrogate North Yorkshire, before moving onto the Infantry Training Centre Catterick (ITCC) to continue my training as a potential Paratrooper.

There were a number of reasons for joining the Army, but the two that stick out in my mind, was to travel the world and make my family proud. At first I was unsure in whether to join a local Regiment or the Parachute Regiment, but in the end I selected the latter as I wanted to be part of a team that was regarded as one of the best in the world. On completion of the expedition I will join 3 Para stationed in Colchester, the Regiment our currently serving in Afghanistan and once I have completed parachute training I hope to join them in August.

My hobbies included Rugby and Skiing.

Steven Austin-Howarth

ARTD Trainee (SCHINF): Private (Pte)
Steven Austin-Howarth

Pte Steven Austin-Howarth aged 17 comes from Burnley. The last school I attended was Flix in Spain. I joined the Army as I wanted to be tested both physically and mentally in whatever environment I was subjected to. I completed my initial training at the Army Foundation College (AFC) at Harrogate, before moving onto the Infantry Training Centre Catterick (ITCC) to complete Special to Arm training as a Paratrooper within the Parachute Regiment.

After the expedition I will be joining 3 Para in Colchester. The Regiment are currently deployed on a six month tour of Afghanistan; however I shall not be joining them until August, as I’m unable to deploy operationally due to my age, being only 17 at present.

Rachel Wheatman

ARTD Trainee (DCCIS): Signaller (Sig)
Rachel Wheatman

Sig Rachel Wheatman aged 18 comes from Barnsley South Yorkshire. I attended St. Michael’s Catholic and C+E high school. I was encouraged to join the armed forces by my father, an ex-Royal Engineer who believed I had the right characteristics to become a soldier. I wanted the adventure, something different and an urge to achieve something, all combined with the idea of discipline and serving my country really attracted me.

I completed my year long training at AFC Harrogate and was posted to Blandford to complete my trade training as Communications Systems Operator. After the expedition, I will undergo driver training and then be posted to 21 (Air Support) Signal Regiment in Bath where I will be part of a team providing communications to the Joint Helicopter Force.

My main sports’ are boxing, x-country and football at which I have represented the Corps and my county.

Daniel Franklin

ARTD Trainee (DCLPA): Private (Pte) Daniel Franklin

Pte Daniel Franklin aged 17 comes from Stoke on Trent, and attended Congleton High school. I joined the Army for the lifestyle mainly but the fact that I could travel the world through the Army and make some life long friends. I started my Army career at the Army Training Regiment Pirbright (ATRP) where I completed my basic training on the 8th February 2008, I thereafter moved onto Phase 2 training at Princess Royal Barracks in Deepcut. During my time at Deepcut I have completed both my B vehicle theory and practical and am now awaiting ammo tech selection.

The reason I choose to pursue the Ammunition Technician trade was because I want to embrace the responsibility offered by such a prestigious job and eventually carryout EOD tasking.

On completion of the expedition I shall be posted to 61 Ammunition Squadron, 6 Supply Regiment in Gutersloh, Germany.

I have an interest in many sports, but tennis is my favourite as I am currently an assistant coach at Alsager tennis club and have played at county level for Staffordshire.

Lee Purcell

ARTD Trainee (DCEME): Craftsman (Cfn) Lee Purcell

Cfn Lee Purcell aged 18 comes from Port Talbot in South Wales, and attended St Josephs RC comprehensive school. Lee’s aspiration had always been to join the Infantry, but Lee’s farther an ex soldier himself, insisted that if his son was determined to enlist that it was imperative that he gained a trade initially, something that would be useful in civilian life if lee ever choose to leave the forces later on in life. Lee completed Phase 1 training at the Army Training Regiment Bassingbourne (ATRB), before attending the School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (SEME) at Bordon to train as a potential Recovery Mechanic.

On completion of the expedition, Lee will be returning to SEME Bordon to complete his training as a Recovery Mechanic before being posted into the field army.

Lee enjoys participating in a multitude of sporting activities especially Rugby, football and cricket.

Carl Ryder

ARTD Trainee (RSME): Sapper (Spr) Carl Ryder

Spr Carl Ryder aged 22 comes from Birkenhead in Liverpool. He attended Park High secondary school before finishing off his education a Birkenhead Sixth Form college. Joining the British Army is something that I have always wanted to do, I see it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience different cultures and travel the world. Initially on joining the Army I completed my basic training (Phase 1) at the Army Training Regiment Winchester (ATRW) before moving on to 3 Regt (Regiment) Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) in Minley, there I completed a Combat Engineering course, which all members of the Corps of the Royal Engineers must master in order to progress on to trade training at 1 RSME in Chatham. On completion of Phase 2 at Chatham, I will hopefully be a fully qualified Armoured Engineer, enabling me to work on some of the Army’s newest equipment such as Trojan and Titan.

On completion of the expedition I will be posted to Bovington in Dorset as part of the engineer training squadron furthering my military education.

My hobbies and interests include football, tennis, Rugby and playing the guitar.

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