Grand Banks - Log 1:

Discoverer’s new crew have bourn the disappointment with commendable fortitude. Departure from the UK was delayed first by... (Read More)

Grand Banks - Log 2:

Discoverer is making good progress north. However whilst we have enjoyed some wonderful sailing, it has to be said that... (Read More)

Grand Banks - Log 3:

First light revealed a low lying haze covering Bermuda 10 miles off the port bow. As the sun rose, so it burnt off the haze and we... (Read More)

Grand Banks - Log 4:

Since clearing Bermuda Discoverer has made steady progress northwards. Although we have on occasions been forced to... (Read More)

Grand Banks - Log 5:

I have kept you in suspense for rather longer than I had intended and for that my apologies. I suspect that those of you closest to Discoverer’s crew will already have heard but... (Read More)

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