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Skipper: John Bransom
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(Maj) Richard Pattison

1st Mate: Major (Maj) Richard Pattison

Major Richard Pattison, aged 45 is the project Officer and expedition leader for both BAAE and LTTA. After leaving The Leys School Cambridge, he joined his local regiment, The Royal Anglian Regiment as a Private soldier. (The Royal Anglian Regiment is the local Infantry regiment for East Anglia and the East Midlands.) After 3 years he left to read maths and physics at London University. After graduating, he returned to the Royal Anglian Regiment with a commission.

In a varied and exciting career he has served across the world in a variety of roles from Northern Ireland to Antarctica, as an anti tank gunner to the chief of staff of UK forces in the Balkans from armoured warrior to mountaineer and sailor. He was introduced to mountaineering and sailing by his parents and encouraged to pursue his interest within the Army and regimentally. This has led to world wide expeditions and opportunities; the Caribbean to the Antarctic and now to the Arctic. He is a fellow of The Royal Geographical Society and seeks to combine adventure with field studies. This is his first expedition with artificial hips.

Although clearly deriving considerable personal enjoyment from these activities in both recreational and adventurous terms, he is passionate about using the opportunity to encourage others to develop and expand their own horizons – again both for personal and professional development. As Kurt Hahn, the founder of Outward Bound put it:

“there is more in us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps, for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.”

LTTA allows him the opportunity to repay the Army and his own tutors by encouraging the next generation to reap the benefits that he has been so privileged to enjoy. He is convinced that the physical and mental demands of LTTA afford all participants the opportunity to return better equipped to face the opportunities and challenges of operations and life in general.

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2nd Mate: Lance Bombardier (L/Bdr) Simon Barber
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Corporal (Cpl) James Smith

Watch Leader: Corporal (Cpl) James Smith

Cpl Jim Smith comes from Kings Lynn Norfolk. Jim joined the Army in January 1990 and completed his basic military training at the Army Training Regiment Bassingbourne (ATRB) in Cambridgeshire. On completion of his training he joined his local Infantry Regiment 1 Royal Anglian the Vikings as a member of the Drums Platoon.

Jim has served in most of the world’s hot spots over the last 18 years, but Afghanistan was the tour where he could do the job for real. He is currently employed at HQ ARTD as a member of the BAAE & LTTA project office. On completion of the expedition he shall be returning to 1 Royal Anglian based at Pirbright. Jims first sailing experience was as a boy on the Wash in Norfolk, the expedition has allowed him to take up sailing once again.

Officer Cadet (O/Cdt) Tom Dudley

Watch Leader: Officer Cadet (O/Cdt) Tom Dudley

Tom Dudley aged 18, I live in Central London and attended St John’s school, Leatherhead. I’m currently studying French and English literature at Birmingham University and I’m a member of the Officer Training Corps (OTC) at the university.

On completion of my studies it is my aspiration to become an Infantry commander. My sporting interests lie in climbing and hockey. I applied to join the expedition in order to widen my experience of ocean sailing, so that I would be more prepared in undertaking my day skippers course later on in the year.

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Novice Crew:

ARTD Instructor: Corporal (Cpl) Matthew Gorski (Awaiting Profile)


Air Trooper (A/Tpr) Holly Ferneyhough

ARTD Trainee (HQ SAAVN): Air Trooper (A/Tpr)
Holly Ferneyhough

Holly is aged 20 and come from Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire. I attended Hereford technology school and Grimsby institute of future and higher education. Joining the Army has always been a life long ambition, something that I had always wanted to do from a young age and the opportunities and benefits were very appealing.

I completed my basic military training at the Army Training Regiment in Pirbright (ATRP) which lasted 14 weeks. At Pirbright they taught us all the basic military skills and drills that all potential soldiers are required to know before moving on to learning Corps specific trades. On completion of my initial training, I attended the School of Army Aviation 2 (Trg) Regt in Middle Wallop, where I completed courses in refuelling, ground crew and signals which lasted a total of 12 weeks.

I have now completed my training and eligible to be posted into the field army, which I shall do on completion of the expedition. I have aspirations to specialise in the signalling, primarily working with the Apache attack helicopter in Wattisham, Ipswich.

I’m interested in a number of sports but mainly gymnastics, swimming and athletics.

Gunner (Gnr) Anthony Wells

ARTD Trainee (RSA): Gunner (Gnr) Anthony Wells

Anthony Wells aged 19 comes from Barnsley in South Yorkshire, this is an old mining town and is pretty quiet. I attended Darton High school and left with 4 x A-C’s at GCSE level, the main ones being Maths and English. I then attended Barnsley College and studied music for 2 years which I completed in 2006, joining the Army in 2007.

I’ve always wanted to join the army since I was young but didn’t know really what I wanted to do with my life. I had a bar job for a while after college and was a member of a band that played around South Yorkshire also helping out at my friends recording studio. My brother joined the Army when he was 18 and he told me that it was the best decision he had ever made, like me he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life either. I’ve only been in the army for a short period of time but I already believe that I’ve made the right choice. My fitness has improved a lot, I have great friends and I’m well looked after and on top of it all I get paid just for being here.

I attended the Army Training Regiment in Pirbright (ATRP) for my basic training. At times the training was hard but the 14 weeks flew by, I was always busy and I found the whole thing very rewarding.

I’m currently attending Phase 2 (special to arm) training at Larkhill. I’m continually improving my basic soldiering skills taught at Pirbright but also learning new ones. While here I will acquire my driving license and a basic radio communicator qualification making me further prepared to join my unit in the Royal Artillery.

I’m training to become an Artillery crewman because the scope in the Royal Artillery is greater than any other Corps. It does everything the other Corps do and more. That’s why I’ve joined the Artillery, because I can do all my driving, signals and leadership courses and participate in a plethora of sporting activities.

My two main hobbies are snowboarding and music. Hopefully I’ll be able to take part in some of the army snowboarding events or join the team within my Regiment. Music is my other passion with being in a band for four years. I don’t get much time to do anything to do with music at the moment because of my training, but I hope to pick it up again when my life calms down a bit.

Private (Pte) Dougie Halliday

ARTD Trainee (SCHINF): Private (Pte)
Dougie Halliday

Private Dougie Halliday aged 17 comes from Birkenhead. During his 6 month infantry course at the Infantry Training Centre at Catterick (ITCC) Dougie beat 58 other recruits to be nominated by the training team as the best recruit. He impressed the staff by producing excellent results on all aspects of the course.

Dougie attended Plessington Catholic High school and enjoyed football, fitness and attending the gym. This clearly helped him perform well on the physical side of training, helping him achieve the prestigious title of “Best Recruit”. Dougie said “The course was hard and I did not know what to expect but I enjoyed myself and made some good friends who I will work with when I get to my Battalion”.

Dougie has been selected to participate in the expedition due to his outstanding achievement and leadership potential in the future, he will join the crew in Antigua and sail to Boston via Bermuda. Dougie has no real prior sailing experience thereby making this an opportunity of a lifetime.

After the expedition Dougie will return to the Ist Battalion Mercian Regiment to start his military career in earnest.

Rifleman (Rfn) Liam Brown

ARTD Trainee (SCHINF): Rifleman (Rfn) Liam Brown

Liam aged 21 comes from Birmingham. I attended Four Dwellings High School in Quinton Birmingham. I enjoy my education there especially completing my music GCSE. I was a member of the Marine cadets for 4 years obtaining the rank of L/Cpl.

I enjoy different types of water sports including Pulling (rowing), Sailing and canoeing. I’ve participated in numerous competitions in these sports and done pretty well. I joined the Army because it had always been of interest to me, giving me the opportunity to challenge myself and have great job prospects to boot.

I attended the Infantry Training Centre Catterick (ITCC) for both basic and special to arm training and have just been posted to 4 Rifles in Bulford Wiltshire as an infantry soldier. I have always wanted to be a soldier and have enjoyed being in the thick of the action.

My interests are in playing football, going out with my friends, surfing the web, and in the future I would also like to try scuba diving.

Private (Pte) Lisa-Jade Jones

ARTD Trainee (DCLPA): Private (Pte)
Lisa-Jade Jones

Lisa-jade Jones aged 20 comes from Rhondda Cynon Taff, in South Wales. I attended Tonypandy comprehensive school before studying at Rhondda college attending a hair dressing course, part of the syllabus was to complete work experience at a local salon in Tonypandy. The work in the salon was fine but I never felt really challenged either physically or mentally so I decided to join the army. I wanted something that would push me to my limit and further, and the army seemed ideal.

I completed basic military training (Phase 1) at the Army Training Regiment (ATR) in Pirbright, Surrey. I had attended the soldier preparation course prior to Phase 1 which helped a great deal during my time at Pirbright. On the whole I enjoyed my time in basic training, something’s were tough and at times I did feel like leaving as I thought I couldn’t go on, but I’m now glad that I stuck at it. I’m now going places and doing things that I never thought possible a year ago.

I’m currently stationed at Deepcut at the moment awaiting trade training as a postal courier within the Royal Logistics Corps, this is planned to commence in the latter half of June on completion of the expedition.

Outside of work I participate in a number of sporting activities but I especially enjoy netball, rounder’s and tennis.

Private (Pte) Gary Condie

ARTD Trainee (DCLPA): Private (Pte) Gary Condie

Gary Condie aged 18 comes from Fife in Scotland. I attended Auchmuty High school. Before I joined the army I had a number of jobs including being an apprentice painter and decorator. I decided to join the army in order to obtain a better standard of living and enhance my career prospects for the future.

I completed my basic training at the Army Training Regiment in Pirbright (ATRP) which was a lot easier than I had initially envisaged. After learning the basic skills and drills required of a soldier I attended special to arm training for the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) at St Omar barracks in Aldershot, where I’m learning to become a driver radio operator (Rad-Op).

I enjoy playing various sports but my main interest is football, I volunteered to participate in the expedition as I thought it would widen my horizons to what could be achieved in my military career.

Sapper (Spr) Dean Smith

ARTD Trainee (RSME): Sapper (Spr) Dean Smith

I’m from Sunderland in the North–East of England and I attended St.Aidons Roman catholic School. I joined the army cadets at the age of 13 and left to join the regular Army at the age of 16. I gained 2 qualifications whilst a cadet, which was a bronze award for the Duke of Edinburgh and BTEC qualification in public services.

I joined the army because I enjoyed the activities I participated in while in the army cadets, and thought it would give me a good way of life providing that I choose the right career.

I attended the Army Foundation collage at Harrogate where I completed a 52 week course which consisted of 26 weeks of education, 5 weeks of leadership and initiative training and 21 weeks of military training. I also took part in sub aqua and lifeguarding achieving a level 2. Phase 2 (special to arm) training was at 3 Royal School of Military Engineering at Gibraltar Barracks Minley, here I completed a B3 course which lasted 10 weeks and consisted of combat engineering.

The trade I chose was that of a fitter air conditioning and refrigeration, I chose this because I believe it will be a trade where it will always be needed and have a good salary. I’m currently in a holding troop at 3 RSME and after the expedition I will be posted to Chatham in Kent, where I will carry out my phase 2B course which is my trade course and lasts a year.

I am interested in a lot of sports such as football, swimming and athletics. I current play football for RSME.

Signaller (Sig) David Guest

ARTD Trainee (DCCIS): Signaller (Sig) David Guest

David aged 18 comes from Scarborough in North Yorkshire. It’s a nice part of the country especially in the summer and is still a popular seaside resort.

I attended Raincliffe School, I enjoyed it there because the friends I made are still my friends to this day. I participated in a number of sports for my school which included football and cricket. When I left Raincliffe, I went to Scarborough Sixth Form Collage where I studied Media Technology which was a course I enjoyed a lot.

Outside of school and collage I played football for Scalby Village and captained West Pier F.C. I joined the army because I thought I would enjoy the life style that the army had to offer. Everything seams to embrace a team ethos and that’s why it works so well. The army also offers a wide range of opportunities that you wouldn’t get in civilian street, especially in sport and adventure training, such as this expedition which is a once in a life time experience.

I attended basic training at the Army Training Regiment Pirbright (ATRP) in July 2007, I was in 96 squadron and I spent 3 months being trained the skills and drills required to be a professional soldier, ranging from; how to iron my kit, to firing a fully automatic assault rifle.

On completion of basic training I attended 11 Signal Regiment in Blandford joining 1 squadron. I have been there since October and have successfully completed my Technical Supply Specialist course. I have also taken part in Regimental swimming and completed a charity swim for the army benevolent fund.

I chose to be a technical supply specialist in the Royal Signals because I liked the sound of the responsibility that naturally comes with the trade. After the expedition I will initially go back to 11 Signal Regiment for administration and then I am off to19 Light Brigade in Lisburn Northern Ireland.

I am interested in many sports and regularly take part in football and cricket matches as well as taking part in swimming events. Since joining the Army I haven’t played sports in any external clubs, because I found that in the army there is a stronger bond and a better team sprit.

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